Safety is an important facet in keeping Fort Jackson running smoothly.

On Tuesday the Fort Jackson Safety Office led installation safety education efforts during the 2017 Safety Symposium at the Solomon Center on post.

Various groups from across post including the Fort Jackson Fire Department, Army Community Service, and the 55th Explosive Ordnance Company, gathered to show how community members can safely go about their everyday lives.

The different departments and agencies on Fort Jackson were at the symposium showing "the community what is available to them," said Mark Mallach, the post's anti-terrorism officer.

Mallach informed those who stopped by his booth about different ways they can be protected.

What really got attendees' attention were the handouts the various agencies we're giving out, he added.

Spc. Brad McDowell, with the 55th EOD, said he thought it was "pretty convenient" to bring the agency together and "get information you don't usually get."

McDowell and Staff Sgt. Travis Davis, with the EOD unit out of Fort Belvoir, are on a rotation through Jackson providing support whenever unexploded ordnance is located.

Agency booths spread out along the sides of Solomon Center like a donut with the hole being taken up by patrons wearing goggles to give them the impression of driving impaired trying to navigate a short slalom course with peddle cars.

Patrons could also don a bulky EOD protective suit or guide PackBot, or Talon remotely operated vehicles to pick up and transport small items like a golf ball or fuse. They could also learn how to rapidly cool a heat casualty by dipping their elbows into ice water and the proper way to apply ice sheets.

For Sgt. Valerie Booker, from Headquarters, Headquarters Company, 369th Adjutant General Battalion, the symposium was a lot more fun than she expected.

"It's actually fun," the writer/developer said. "We have been learning a lot about things I never thought of."

The highlight of her experience was remotely picking up a golf ball and placing it on a traffic cone a few feet away with the Talon.

"As you see in the camera its hard work to pick something up," McDowell said after helping Booker successfully pilot the ROV.

"That was the most fun," she said. "Its hard work, but it was pretty cool."

Information about Sexual Assault Awareness Prevention Month was also available at the symposium.