Defining intestinal fortitude can be easier than displaying it. For 1st Ranger Battalion veteran Doug Quitmeyer, his journey from Ranger squad leader to founder of Your6, a transition resume software C-corporation, was an evolution that required self-examination of a series of decisions that ultimately led to a purpose driven career.

After six combat deployments, Quitmeyer left 1st Ranger Battalion in 2008 as Ranger School graduate and staff sergeant to be a liaison instructor with Naval Special Warfare.

"When I look back, it is amazing how much you can accomplish in such a short time in the Army," Quitmeyer stated.

With confidence gleamed from an initial enlistment where all of his career objectives were fulfilled, Quitmeyer set his sights on the same fast paced, accomplishment focused business opportunities in the civilian world.

"Within a couple of years the Army allows you to attend Airborne School, Ranger Assessment and Selection, Ranger School, promotion boards and combat deployments," Quitmeyer said. "Quick wins in the civilian world are possible as well; but, I learned the hard way that they come with a cost."

Quitmeyer's hard charging and task-oriented personality lead to him to the Caribbean country of Belize and employment in the gaming industry.

"I did not realize how the profession I choose after leaving the Army was leading to a destructive personal and professional lifestyle. Business success was defining who I was, and personal fulfillment was lacking," Quitmeyer said.

Quitmeyer reported that the excitement and the personal relationships in gaming did not live up to his expectations. Forced to refocus his professional endeavors, Quitmeyer found himself in the familiar process of revising his resume. As he attempted to explain the skills that military enhanced in him, Quitmeyer was at a loss.

"How do you tell a corporation that your assimilation and achievement in the military translates to future success in the civilian world?" Quitmeyer asked.

"You have to know their language. Once I realized that I was probably not the only veteran struggling with the process - Your6 was born," Quitmeyer stated.

Your6 is an online, user initiated resume writing tool focused on transiting service members. Currently in the testing process of its development phase, Your6 inventory of resume packages includes armor, infantry and field artillery. Your6 aspires to have a complete resume package for every military career field in the Department of Defense.

"The interface is user friendly and intuitive. Users expect a timely, clean process; I think we provide that," Quitmeyer said.

Your6's online interface provides data entry and drop down menu selections to allow a service member to customize their personal resume in a matter of minutes.

Quitmeyer success with Your6 has provided the opportunity to employ Ranger veterans and special operations supporters. He also remains dedicated to the Rangers he fought alongside by participating in American Dream U career development seminars with his good friend and fellow Ranger veteran Jesse Yandell.

"Last year I was able to travel to 1st and 3d Ranger Battalions and tell them my story. For me, it is all about encouraging the Rangers to developing their professional network and use the tools that are available to them early and often," Quitmeyer stated.

"When you are an active duty Ranger, the Ranger Creed guides our actions. When I lost sight of the creed in my civilian life, I had to deal with the consequences. Now, I am 're-blued' and look at the creed as my testimony of conduct," Quitmeyer said.