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By Destiny RidguardJune 26, 2017

U.S. Army Chaplain Corps Web & Social Media Network
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Digital and Video Storyboard Submission Guidance
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Defense Information School Social Media Workshop
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U.S. Army Social Media Handbook
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Senior Chaplain Corps Leaders,

Greetings from the Office of the Chief of Chaplains. Please disseminate to Teams and Sections the new Army web-based Social Media Handbook link: and take note of the email below from Army Chief of Public Affairs, MG Malcolm Frost.

Consider creative ways to include social media training in routine unit and UMT training events:

- invite unit PAOs to discuss the importance of OPSEC on social media platforms

- invite the Family Life Chaplain to share the multiple ways social media may impact family systems - tutorial on how to positively leverage social media in counseling

- New Army Web-Based Social Media Handbook -

Army Leaders,

On 05 May, OCPA launched a new web-based version of the Social Media Handbook that provides guidance, policy links, requirement checklists and social media tips for Soldiers and Families, Army leaders, and social media managers.

Here is the link to the new resource, which has also been sent to your PAOs:

We have also included information and tools to help you combat commonly-reported scams and impostors, which are an ever-growing problem for both Soldiers and leadership.

The Overview Tab includes general information about the Army's role in the social media arena, high-level policy and guidance, links to education and training, and a feed of news and best practices from DigitalGov's social media section.

The Soldiers and Families Tab includes in-depth information about the expectations of online conduct, OPSEC do's and don'ts, and the importance of curbing rumor and speculation.

The Leaders Tab includes guidance on how leaders can use social media to achieve desired communication effects, and tips for understanding how Soldiers and Families use social media.

The Managers Tab was designed to be a resource for Army social media managers, both uniformed and civilian. It includes an outline of how to establish and maintain accounts and properties, as well as formal regulations and strongly-suggested points to be mindful of while doing so.

The Scams Tab was created to help educate the Army and civilians about the common techniques criminals use to try and steal money, protection tips and ways to report scams.

We hope you and your command find this to be a useful tool. This new format will allow us to keep pace in a dynamic and quickly-changing digital world.

Keep telling the Army Story!



Malcolm B. Frost

Major General, U.S. Army

Chief of Public Affairs

The U.S. Army Chaplain Corps is a profession of religious and spiritual Soldiers and leaders who build the spiritual and moral resiliency of the Army family now and for the future. Chaplains, with the support of Chaplain Assistants, provide religious and emotional support to America's Army while assisting commanders in ensuring the right of free exercise of religion for all Soldiers.

Please see below for salient links and check back for updated information and guidance.

We have uploaded the latest Digital and Video Storyboard Submission Guidance. See the image above. features links to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Flickr.

As a rule, your content should be:

- authentic & visual

- engaging & interactive

- timely & informative

- consistent & meaningful

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