ROSE BARRACKS, Germany -- One course is bringing Electronic Warfare systems and tactics used to prevent and counter asymmetric threats to the tactical level.The Counter-Radio Controlled Improvised Explosive Device/ Electronic Warfare, or CREW Specialist Course, is designed to provide commanders with subject matter expertise on current EW capabilities by training Soldiers on the DUKE V2/V3, THOR III and VROD/VMAX systems. Soldiers assigned to the 2d Cavalry Regiment were first to get a look.As the initial group to complete the training since the curriculum's pilot course in February, 2CR will serve as the model and standard for how the rest of the Army will integrate EW assets at the company level."Understanding the electromagnetic spectrum, especially in today's congested and ever changing electronic environment, can dictate a mission's success and effectiveness outside of kinetic methods, "said Staff Sgt. Arquimides Sanchez, EW NCOIC, 2CR. "It will also decrease the level of difficulty of any mission by the understanding the unit's electronic signature within the battlespace."Soldiers who participated in the 40-hour course at the Combined Arms Training Center at Rose Barracks, April 10-14, 2017, received a brief history of EW as well as an introduction to the electromagnetic spectrum, radio wave propagation and communications fundamentals. While the scope of the training covered highly technical material - the goal was to get Soldiers operational. Soldiers were tasked with understanding how these systems work in order to be prepared for real world scenarios.Following instructional blocks, Soldiers progressed to hands-on participation and practical exercises on each system. Training covered preventative checks, maintenance steps, troubleshooting, processes and practices to provide Soldiers with the foundation necessary to assist unit EW officers. Afterward, Soldiers were tested on assembling and operating each system."With only two blocks of instruction, these Soldiers and NCOs were able to properly assemble, disassemble and place systems in full surveillance mode within the established permissions," said Sanchez. "Additionally, they successfully performed practical exercises which familiarized them with the identification of a predetermine objective."Completion of the course here strengthens 2CRs focus to expand EW capabilities down to the tactical level. Soldiers will use their new skills operationally during the upcoming Saber Junction 17 training exercise where their awareness and use of EW capabilities will continue to be tested.