FORT RUCKER, Ala. -- The Fort Rucker Intramural Basketball Playoff Season is fully under way and the competition is heating up.

The 1st Battalion, 11th Aviation Regiment Control Freqs took on the 1-14th Avn. Regt. Head Hunters during a game at Fortenberry-Colton Physical Fitness Center April 11 that would determine which team would advance to the finals, and it was Control Freqs that would move on the fight for the title of post champions, scalping their competition, 62-48.

Although both teams got off to a slow start in the first half, it was the Control Freqs who would come back explosively in the second half to dominate throughout the game to secure their place in the tournament.

"We did well," said Sgt. Jacob Durski, player for Control Freqs. "We were [a little slow] in the first half, then all throughout the second we started hitting our shots and we just came together."

It was the Head Hunters that started with the possession, but couldn't sink a basket, allowing Control Freqs to force a turnover and sink the shot of the game with a three pointer.

The 1-14th wouldn't trail far behind as they managed to keep up with their opponents, but neither team's defense nor offense seemed to be up to par as neither was able to make much headway in the first quarter of the game, with both teams' scores in the single digits.

Control Freqs finally managed to break away with a bit of superior shooting and offensive capability, and the Head Hunters couldn't manage to keep up going into the second quarter as the 1-13th took a 10 point lead, 17-7.

Head Hunters weren't able to sink their shots, and Control Freqs were there to pick up the rebounds and drive the ball to the basket and maintain their lead. Although the 1-14th managed to close the gap a bit, they still trailed 23-16 at halftime.

Control Freqs had possession going into the second half and started off again with a 3-point shot to secure their lead.

Head Hunters continued to struggle to keep up as the 1-11th's defense remained strong and the Control Freqs took full advantage to pull further ahead. Their superior shooting ability had them sinking threes left and right over their opponents, and the Head Hunters hopes of catching up faded away as they fell more than 20 points behind in the third quarter.

The 1-14th wouldn't be completely discounted, though, as they went into the fourth quarter by finding their second wind as they attempted to tire out their opponents to close the scoring gap.

As commanding a lead as the Control Freqs held in the third quarter, it seemed to have little significance as the Head Hunters tightened up their defense and started sinking their shots.

They managed to get within 7 points of their opponents with just minutes remaining, but the 1-11th wasn't going to collapse so easily.

Control Freqs' defense wouldn't loosen too much, though, as when they saw their lead shrink they tightened up their game in the remaining minutes to hold on.

For the Head Hunters, their rally was too little, too late, and the buzzer sounded with Control Freqs advancing to the championship game, 62-48.