3rd Battalion, 34th Infantry Regiment Sees Red

The focus of this first week of Basic Combat Training is learning how to look, act and walk like a Soldier. The first three weeks of BCT are referred to as "Red Phase," and are considered to be the most difficult phase of training.

Soldiers in training with 3rd Battalion 34th Infantry Regiment received the moniker of Centennial Battalion even before they took their first push-up, looked at their first map, or stepped into a gas chamber. Soldiers of the battalion are just over one week in to Red Phase that helps instill in them the confidence needed in the White and Blue phases. On Monday the Soldiers in Training visited the Fit to Win course, learned the basics of land navigation, and felt the stinging effects of the NBC chamber. The SiTs on Tuesday faced their fears on Victory Tower and began the process of becoming experts in basic rifle marksmanship.