Command Sgt. Maj John Wayne Troxell, the senior enlisted advisor to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, visited Fort Jackson April 7-9.

While at Fort Jackson, Troxell met with senior leaders, led a professional development session and dropped into basic combat training units around the installation to observe the Army's newest initial entry training recruits in action.

"It's nice having someone like (Command Sgt. Maj.) Troxell come visit and for him to get to experience and witness the joy of what we do everyday when we transform civilians into Soldiers," said Staff. Sgt Tricha David of 3rd Battalion, 13th Infantry Regiment.

Troxell spent time in each of the units in the 193rd Infantry Brigade to thank the drill sergeants for their dedication to the Army's mission and for training our Soldiers.

Fort Jackson is the Army's largest initial entry training center and trains 54 percent of all Soldiers and 69 percent of the women entering the Army.

"Although we have challenges, we are still the greatest military around," said Troxell to a crowd of leaders during this development session.

Troxell also shared with the group six points that he believes make up a desired leader.

1 -- The ability to operate on Commander's intent and enable mission command at all levels.

2 -- The ability to make sound and ethical decisions based on the values and the standards of the profession of arms.

3 -- The ability to utilize available resources to enhance the disciple, readiness, resilience, and health of the force.

4 -- The ability to anticipate, communicate, and mitigate risks.

5 -- The ability to operate in joint, interagency, intergovernmental, and multinational environments.

6 -- The ability to think critically and develop agile and adaptive leaders.

His wife, Sandra Troxell, spoke with the leaders during the session about the importance of Family.

"Are you guys taking care of your Families? And by that I mean are you giving your Families all of the information that they need while you are gone away doing your jobs?" she asked. "You guys are the biggest supporters and providers for your Families. You guys are the first step to taking care of our Families."

John said he and his wife will continue to promote military families and making sure families stay together.

"We promote that PCSing and taking your Family with you is the right thing to do," he said.

Troxell advises the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff on all matters involving joint and combined total force integration, utilization, health of the force and joint development for enlisted personnel.

He has been in the Army for over 30 years. He enlisted in 1982 as an armored reconnaissance
specialist and is a graduate of Class 51 of the U.S. Army Sergeants Major Academy and the Command Sergeants Major Course.

His military education includes Ranger, Airborne, Jumpmaster, Pathfinder, the Primary
Leadership Development Course, the Basic Noncommissioned Officer Course, the Advanced Noncommissioned Officers Course and the First Sergeants Course.