CAMP BUERHING, KUWAIT -- Commanding General of the 29th Infantry Division Maj. Gen. Blake C. Ortner recently visited subordinate units supporting the fight against ISIS in Mosul in a battlefield circulation tour.The plane touched down at Erbil International Airport in Iraq to visit the 4th Heavy Attack Reconnaissance Squadron, 6th Cavalry Regiment, and the 335th Chemical Platoon, all subordinate to 29th Inf. Div. Ortner received a briefing of the squadron aviation capabilities and toured the Tactical Operations Center.While visiting the 335th Chemical Platoon, Ortner received a briefing on long-range decontamination procedures. Training to maintain proficiency is critical to ensure safety and readability. The circulation tour continued forward to a strategic logistics hub where Soldiers of the 77th Combat Aviation Brigade and the 153rd Engineering Battalion provided an update on their efforts to support local partner forces and build partnership capacity. Ortner reiterated the importance of building enduring partnerships, saying they will be crucial to rebuilding territory like Mosul after ISIS is defeated."It's an honor to personally thank the Soldiers in the fight and get an on-the-ground assessment of what our Soldiers need to succeed when engaging the enemy," Ortner said.