LIVORNO, Italy - The Camp Darby community joined the Army in celebrating a quarter of a century of helping Soldiers and family members with the Annual Army Family Action Plan.

Camp Darby community members convened March 4-5 for the 2009 AFAP to discuss everything from shopping privileges at the post commissary to the availability of language classes on post. Camp Darby's top three issues this year included a desired support for privately-leased overseas housing, a streamlined command sponsorship process and the improvement of cooking facilities within on-post barracks housing.

Staff Sgt. James Brooks believes the AFAP experience helped enhance his leadership qualities.

"As a (noncommissioned officer), it gives me a better grasp on the community, and what's going on and how my soldiers are feeling or how soldiers feel about what they can see going on in the community," said Brooks.

One event facilitator, Jenny Wassom added that the event's setting provides a certain level of motivation that's downright contagious.

"When I came into it, personally, I had the attitude that I'm just going to be here at Camp Darby for a couple more months, but once you start hearing the issues, you're like yes, yes, that is a big issue at Camp Darby, and yes, let's get motivated and let's change this," said Wassom. "It's wonderful to feel like you are a part of something that's changed the community".

Issues will now be forwarded to the next higher level for the U.. Army Europe/IMCOM-Europe AFAP.