KAISERSLAUTERN, Germany -- Leaders and Soldiers from the 7th Mission Support Command talked about readiness and other topics with U.S. Army Reserve Command's Deputy Commanding General.Maj. Gen. David Conboy, deputy commanding general - operations, United States Army Reserve Command, along with staff members from the United States Army Reserve headquarters, from Fort Bragg, North Carolina, visited the 7th Mission Support Command to learn about the 7th MSC's readiness levels -- including training, medical, personnel and logistics.Conboy also took the opportunity to meet personally with junior leadership in the command and had lunch with a number of Soldiers in the Kleber Kaserne dining facility.Being able to visit the unit and meet with Brig. Gen. Steven W. Ainsworth, 7th Mission Support Command commanding general, in person provides the briefing with a level of detail that cannot be attained otherwise."It's great to see some of the fantastic work that's happening in this unit," Conboy said. "It's good to see some of the best practices here so we can take it back to USARC. I'm energized every day by what I see in this formation and in other formations."The briefing Conboy attended is called the Combat Readiness Review and includes readiness overviews of the command's subordinate units as well as the readiness levels of the headquarters element. Both staffs also discuss ways to improve readiness levels that are typically color coded similar to a traffic light, then displayed to the command and staff."We embrace the CR2 process," Ainsworth said. "We have to be better. We want to be better. It's taking care of a Soldier every time we improve a metric."The readiness review with Conboy was conducted, Sunday, April 9 while a preparatory briefing was conducted the day before. That briefing focused on key topics of interest to USARC and was led by the 7th MSC's deputy commander."It's truly more than statistics," Col. Alex Wells, 7th MSC, Deputy Commander, said. "This is about taking care of Soldiers. We have to get past seeing just the red, amber and green."The 7th Mission Support Command is comprised of nearly 1,000 Soldiers. The Army Reserve uses briefings such as these to improve individual readiness and plan resources for future operations."(The current Army Reserve) is the most lethal, professional force in the history of the Army Reserve," Conboy said. "Here we are looking at individual readiness and what do we need for the future."