CAMP HUMPHREYS, South Korea - Today we recognize An, Son A, the non-supervisory Employee of the Quarter for first quarter fiscal year 2017.An is an Information Technology Specialist in the Information Management Office. She accepted the award with great humility."Actually, I didn't know the award until that day. I was surprised and appreciated my co-workers and supervisor. I'm just dedicated and worked hard. I didn't expect it and wasn't focused on trying to get the award, I just do what I need to do," An said.As an Information Technology Specialist, Information Management Office An creates user accounts, sets up computers, installs operating system software and conducts troubleshooting when users experience problems with their systems.She began her career at the Civilian Personnel Operations Center, at Camp Henry, Daegu in 1997."When I graduated university and I applied for CPOC at Camp Henry right away. There was a CPOC grand opening and they were looking for interns so I applied for the job. That first time I didn't know it was an Army base. I just thought I can keep studying English so I applied. I even didn't know what kind of jobs there were," she said.An started working at Camp Henry on March 31, 1997 and worked there for three years. When she started her job, she had had a hard time whenever she had a computer problem."I had to call somebody and I had to wait until somebody came and fixed my computer. So, I felt if I knew computers better, I could handle my work more easily than before. So, I determined to study computers."Once she made up her mind, An studied computers for about five years. After getting a computer certificate, she applied for a job on the computer side. She began working at Humphreys on June 1, 2004.An said she wants to work as long as she can, so long as she's healthy and can help people. She said she's happiest when she can help others and feels best when her work goes smoothly and as planned."The good part of my job is I can help people when they have computer problem. It is rewarding when clients are satisfied. However, sometimes if I can't fix client's computer right away, clients complain and get upset. That is a hard part of my job," An said.