April is Alcohol Awareness Month, and it is a good opportunity to remind your alcohol habits and drink responsibly and keep what you've earned.

Steven Evans, Area IV Army Substance Abuse Program Prevention Coordinator and Kim, Tuk-su, ASAP Drug Test Technician from ASAP team promoted 'Drink Responsibly' Campaign at the Camp Walker Food Court on Apr. 5.

Evans talked about what is Alcohol Awareness Month and why is it important to us.

"Alcohol is the most abused substance in the United States Army," said Evans. "This whole month of April is ASAP Alcohol Awareness Month and it is to promote on top of our year-long campaign of always promoting low risk. It's promoting alcohol abuse awareness so that people don't overdrink or don't overuse and be safe. It's a month-long campaign to bring it to the highlight and it goes together with SHARP National Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month because a lot of the incidents with SHARP begin with too much alcohol. So, if you don't drink too much, you may not grab what you are supposed to grab, touch and pull because you can think right in your mind when you don't have too much."

Alcohol Awareness Month was establish in 1987 by National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence. It is to encourage communities and individuals to raise awareness about alcohol abuse and prevent from misusing or abusing it.

Evans spoke about the ASAP events going on this April.

"We've got similar events out of Camp Carroll and then here in Camp Walker," said Evans. "On Apr. 7., it's National Alcohol Screening Day so it's a one day for America when everyone can do screening for their alcohol usage. In the morning, we are planning a small survey to test themselves on their alcohol usage and we'll have the pamphlets and all kinds of information."

For more information, contact ASAP with DSN: 768-7343 or go to ASAP office Bldg. 1712, Camp Henry.