Have you ever heard, 'Not All Heroes Wear Capes'? In many movies, we see super heroes wearing iron suits or capes, but in reality, heroes wear scrubs, uniforms or blazers. In our society there are many people we should be grateful to have in this world.The Red Cross Volunteer Recognition Ceremony took place at the Camp Walker Evergreen Club on Mar. 30. The Red Cross invited heroes of Area IV such as fire fighters, nurses, medics, police and volunteers in order to recognize their contributions to our community."This is our hero's breakfast campaign," said Mia Bostic, American Red Cross Area IV regional program manager. "Our saying for this month is: Not all super heroes wear capes! We want to say thank you because these heroes work a lot but not always get a thank you from their clients. This is our chance to say thank you for what they are doing for us.""We saw the poster on the wall," said Kim, Su-yun and Park, Hyo-chi who serve as nurses at the Camp Walker Wood Medical Clinic. "I feel honored to be invited here to celebrate other volunteers! But one thing I feel sad is not many people know about this recognition. I want many people to enjoy the ceremony!""It is great that Red Cross made such a meaningful ceremony," said Sgt. 1st Class Joshoah Thompson, 188th Military Police. "This effort to recognize the volunteer's work will inspire many hidden volunteers to wake up."After having breakfast, Bostic awarded 'Certificates of Appreciation' to volunteers."We appreciate your dedication, hard work, and selfless services to Daegu community," said Bostic. "I volunteer for orphans," said Kimberly Barnes. "I always take my baby, we are family volunteers! Doing volunteer work is an opportunity for me and also my family. I met lots of new friends and experienced new culture here."Our super heroes may live ordinary lives and are known by ordinary names, but what they are doing for our community is extraordinary.Their hard work and dedication is appreciated every day in Area IV.