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April is National Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention month. This month offers various opportunity to eliminate sexual assault and harassment from our community and our Army.

The Grand Opening of the Area IV Sexual Harassment Assault Response and Prevention 360 Training Facility and SHARP Proclamation Signing was hosted by Area IV SHARP took place at the Camp Walker on Apr. 3. This ceremony is kick off the SAAPM and proclaim the emphasis on SHARP to all people in Area IV.

"Thanks all of you for coming out this morning," said 19th Expeditionary Sustainment Command Commanding General Brig. Gen. John P. Sullivan. "I was impressed with the abilities that this facility provides for Area IV units. It provides real life scenarios and true lives scenes to help improve training for doing SHARP. This is our new resources that is available to all. We are charged to use this facility and it will lead us positive changes."

After Sullivan's remarks and the signing of the proclamation, all the military guests toured the facility and enjoyed refreshments.

The Area IV SHARP 360 Training Facility is designed to be a one-stop center for all SHARP personnel to come out and train. Soldiers can visit the facility and learn how to deal with any situation that they face such as harassments and assault. It will provide realistic environments such as those in which personnel live, work, or socialize. Briefly, the team offered role playing to help attendees understand.

"Role that we play was 'we are at a bar' scene," said Staff Sgt. Raphael Sandra, United States Army Materiel Support Command - Korea. "Two friends are drinking and one friend comes to be a predator. They try to make the victim drink continuously, but the other friend realizes what is going on and stops it. We want people to get over the situation instead of fighting or having hurt."

"SHARP 360 Training Facility is technically open whenever unit needs it," said Master Sgt. Ramsey Flores, 19th ESC SHARP Program NCOIC. "During this SAAPM, there are other events. We have the First Responder Fair at Camp Walker Kelly Gym, Sexual Assault Response Coordinator, Victim Advocate Summit at Camp Henry Henry's Place and so on."

"It is very important we've been waiting for this for about a year," said Flores. "We are glad that it finally happened. I am excited that many people celebrated the opening ceremony. I mean this is really important part of our SARC, VA job and we want to make sure that we provide good training for our and all personnel to be effective to our public."

Various military guests attended the ceremony including U.S. Army Garrison Daegu Command Sgt. Maj. Juan A. Abreu and the Deputy Garrison Commander William Butcher.

"This event was great for our community," said Butcher. "SHARP is creating the healthy environment for all Soldiers be able to serve their country without feeling fear of harassment or assault."

All unit Area IV can use the SHARP 360 Training Facility. SHARP: Protecting our people protects our mission! For more information regarding SHARP and the facility, contact the Area IV SARC at 763-4069.