PENTAGON - The Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army for Environment, Safety, and Occupational Health has published a holistic Army-wide strategy that incorporates environmental, safety, and occupational health strategy, policies and programs into one comprehensive document: the Army Environment, Safety, & Occupational Health Strategy 2025 (Army ESOH Strategy 2025).The Army ESOH Strategy 2025 introduces an entirely new strategic design and direction for the ESOH program.The strategy establishes a new paradigm for the Army that views environmental resources as mission enabling assets that are the foundation of a ready, proficient, and resilient Army. This paradigm transforms the costs of environmental compliance into investments that improve the Army's operational capability.The Army ESOH Strategy 2025 also introduces the synchronization of safety and health in the workplace. This synchronization will drive synergies in the use of risk assessment, medical surveillance examinations, safety training, safety engineering, workplace wellness programs, and total worker health. By maintaining the health of Soldiers and employees, health-related costs decrease while work productivity and mission support increases.The Army ESOH Strategy 2025 establishes new Army-wide ESOH program goals and objectives that maintain an effective environmental stewardship program and a safety-based culture for Soldiers, their families, civilians, contractors, and communities surrounding Army installations. These goals and objectives also contribute to a stronger, ready and responsive fighting force. The Army ESOH Strategy 2025 goals establish where we intend to go and tell us when we get there, and the objectives identify the specific steps the Army will take in order to attain the goals.To meet future challenges and succeed in future operating environments, it is imperative that the Army ESOH Strategy 2025 is implemented in a manner that ensures its goals and objectives are attained at every level.For further information, the Army Environment, Safety, & Occupational Health Strategy 2025 can be viewed at