Being selected as a representative of the Army in the tournament was not only an honor, it was also a chance to display my skills on the international scale. I was given the opportunity to travel the world, embrace different cultures and see what professionals experience while playing around the world.

For me it's another chance to meet learn from others, connect with new teammates from various areas of Korea and also build a bond as what I would prefer, a brotherhood.

The weather in the Philippines was sunny, hot and the people were super friendly.

The cost of living is cheap and the food is amazing, but the reality of the Philippines in general was overwhelming at times due to the poverty, which for me was a tough pill to swallow. It makes you realize what privileges we do have in America and what we should be truly thankful for.

My best memory was buying ice cream for a family of four, two boys and two girls and putting them in a five star hotel for a good night's rest. I felt it was the best deed I done it quite some time and it made my entire time in the Philippines worthwhile.

We started the round robin tournament in a tough bracket and went 2-1. Once the elimination round began we went undefeated.

Our team was the A Division champions with a 3-0 record!