The infantry is the main land combat force and backbone of the United States Army. According to Field Manual 3-21.20, the primary mission of the infantry is to close with the enemy by means at fire and maneuver. The infantry are not the only Soldiers that fights; all Soldiers train to prepare for all circumstances. In accordance with this, Soldiers from Headquarters, Headquarters Company, United States Army Garrison Daegu honed their weapons techniques in the Engagement Skills Training on Mar. 14 to 16.

The EST Trainer is a simulator that provides training on marksmanship and all aspects of firearms training from calibrating weapons, weapons qualification and collective fire scenarios in numerous environments. "It is a step. It is basic familiarization with weapon systems," said HHC, USAG Daegu Commander Capt. Jheaniell Moncrieffe.

"M240 machine gun's power was amazing," said HHC, USAG Daegu Soldier Pfc. Lee, Hyun-Chang. "It felt like I was at the real range. I first had a hard time trying to aim and fix the shooting position, but 1st Sgt. Figueroa taught us the right shooting position, how to aim and how to reload, so I could learn easily."

"All Soldiers are authorized to use all weapon systems," said Moncrieffe. "We want to expose our Soldiers to as many weapon systems as possible." HHC, USAG Daegu Soldiers receive M16 rifle, M240 machine gun, M249 light machine gun and Mark 19 grenade Launcher training at the EST.
HHC Soldiers went through multiple familiarization and weapons scenarios to increase their skill in handling their primary and other unfamiliar weapons.

"We are not going to put you in a gun that you have never touched. It is not for you to be an expert at the weapon, but at least be able to use it," said Moncrieffe.

"I want to be more enthusiastic in training and be a better Soldier. I will be prepared when my country need me," said Lee.

Weapons Training is important for a Soldier. Like a mechanic, they have to be proficient in all of their tools. This will allow them to have the most success in case they have to fight tonight.