NETCOM headquarters selects top Civilians
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NETCOM headquarters selects top Civilians
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FORT HUACHUCA, Arizona (March 23, 2017) -- The Network Enterprise Technology Command selected the 2016 Civilian of the Year and Most Valuable Player (MVP) of the Year for the headquarters during a ceremony March 23, at Greely Hall, on Fort Huachuca.

Terrance Kelly, NETCOM G-6 (Chief Information Office), was selected as the 2016 Civilian of the Year and Enrique Estrada III, NETCOM G-4 (Logistics and Engineering), was selected as the 2016 MVP.

Kelly, the NETCOM Civilian of the Month for December 2016, serves as the Information Technology Projects Lead, focusing on planning and implementing and delivering IT capabilities to the command's Headquarters, its subordinate commands and across the enterprise.

Estrada, the Fourth Quarter (October-December) 2016 winner is a Supply Technician in the command's Property Book Office. Estrada's main focus is providing logistical support to the headquarters and supporting units.

Speaking of the need for a civilian workforce and the contributions made throughout history, NETCOM Commanding General, Maj. Gen. John Baker, said "We actually had Department of the Army civilians before we even had a country." Pointing out that the Army was established a year prior to our declaration of independence and Richard Peters become our first Army civilian. "Our lineage goes back to that year when we started our teamwork between the Army's Soldiers and the Army's civilians."

Speaking about how the civilians in NETCOM are a part of the team that Baker calls the "Army's Varsity Communicators," the general pointed out that the command's civilian workforce covers 26 of the 31 different career fields found in the Army.

Speaking about the dedication of our civilian workforce, Dan Bradford, the NETCOM Deputy to the Commander, Senior Technical Director and Chief Engineer, said "…although the load is heavy and the OPTEMPO is great, our civilians rise to the cause just like they did back during the Revolutionary War, and I encourage you to keep that up because it is making a difference for our nation and our Army."

The NETCOM Headquarters Civilian of the Year program has been in place since 2006. However, this is the first year the command headquarters is selecting an MVP of the Year. The MVP award is for junior civilians in the headquarters and is for grades GS-9 and below.

The monthly winners competing for the Civilian of the Year title were: January, Eric Cunningham, NETCOM G-6 contracting officer/acquisition and budget officer; February, Leslie South, an IT specialist for the NETCOM Cybersecurity Directorate; March, Jared Lee, an operations research analyst for the NETCOM G-8 (Resource Management); April, Sharon Shulsky, a strategic communications analyst working for the command Public Affairs Office; May, Joe Griego, management analyst within the NETCOM G-8; June, Douglas Hickey, a computer scientist and lead engineer in the NETCOM G-3/5 (Plans and Engineering); July, Wanda Raney, a training management specialist with the command's G-1 (Personnel) office; August, James Riehle, an IT intelligence specialist with the NETCOM G-2 (Intelligence and Security); September, Shawnee Carlile, a military human resources specialist with NETCOM G-1; October, Bridy Godwin, an IT specialist with the NETCOM G-3/5/7 (Operations); and November, Darryl Jackson, a staff action officer with NETCOM G-6.

The quarterly winners competing for the MVP of the Year title were: Second quarter, Amanda Demaris, an administrative officer with the NETCOM G-6; third quarter, Bernadette Rodriguez, an administrative assistance in the NETCOM G-8. There was no first quarter winner in this category.

The winners of the headquarters competition will go on to compete for the NETCOM-wide Civilian of the Year and Jr. Civilian of the Year honors in April, when an appointed board of senior NETCOM officials will select one winner from each category from among the command's more than 4,000 globally-stationed civilians.

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