ROCK ISLAND ARSENAL, Illinois -- A town hall for the Army Contracting Command-Rock Island workforce was held in Heritage Hall, March 20.Jay Carr, ACC-RI executive director, kicked off the town hall with the presentation of awards and recognitions.The Area Support Group-Kuwait, Directorate of Resource Management's End of Fiscal Year Penny Award was presented to 22 ACC-RI employees for their support in accomplishing the ASG-KU mission.Shanna R. Smith, former Global Reachback procuring contracting officer and current EAGLE/Sustainment Contracting branch chief, received the Commander's award for Civilian Service from Carr. She received the award for her dedication to the Kuwait Base Operations and Security Support Services contract supporting U.S. Army Central.Christine Thornton, a PCO in the Ammunition and Chemical Demilitarization Division, received an Senior Executive Service Note from Carr, recognizing her accomplishments as a member of a team that excelled in procuring non-standard ammunition; the team earned a 2016 David Packard-Excellence in Acquisition Award for its efforts.Serina A. Allingham received her Five Years Length of Service Award.Following the awards and recognitions, Carr discussed the center's campaign plan, explaining that it identifies focus areas and guiding principles. Essentially, Carr said that all functions which employees are performing should be able to tie back to the ACC-RI plan. The outcomes and priorities of ACC-RI's plan are integrated with ACC, AMC, and the Department of the Army's Campaign plans.The plan is still in draft form and will be subject to a "fluid, circular process" in which objectives are evaluated and modified if necessary. However, Carr stressed the importance of having a formal plan documented."[The campaign plan] is going to be the foundation document for what we do for the next five years," said Carr. "It will evolve during that time, but it all comes back to this document. Everything we do should be tied back to this. If it isn't, question it."He said it is crucial that employees understand how their role plays into enhancing Army readiness and support of the Army. Every function performed should be measureable and tied to the effectiveness of the supported customer.Carr said that once the plan is set, leadership will hold a meeting every month to see where the center is within the plan and will present findings to the workforce at town halls.Thomas Rutherford, ACC-RI collateral duty safety officer, briefed the upcoming Civilian Fitness policy, which is designed to improve the health of the workforce and increase productivity. Rutherford detailed what the program consists of, where the information on the initiative resides on Sharepoint, and the process for participating.Wrapping up the town hall, Carr let the workforce know Rebecca Jessen and Amy Larson are the two new Sexual Harassment and Assault Response and Prevention advocates assigned to ACC-RI. There will be a SHARP Victim Advocacy introductory ceremony on March 24 and a SHARP Proclamation Ceremony on April 4.