SAN ANTONIO (Mar. 09, 2017) -- The U.S. Army Installation Management Command announced results of the IMCOM-level Major General Keith L. Ware Communications Awards Competition for 2016.The winners were chosen from 209 submissions in print, community relations and visual information from garrisons around the world. Also judged were IMCOM only special categories.The annual awards competition recognizes Soldiers and Department of the Army civilian employees for excellence in achieving the objectives of the Army Public Affairs Program.First and second place winners were forwarded to the Office of the Chief of Public Affairs, on behalf of the Secretary of the Army, to compete at the Department of the Army level competition. Those winners, to be announced March 24, will represent the Army at the Department of the Defense level competition in April.COMMUNITY RELATIONS Individual Achievement 1st Operation Purple Camp, Richard A. Scavetta, Aberdeen Proving Ground.2nd Fort Lee Riggers Celebrate Homecoming after 50 Years, Susan N. Garling, Fort Lee.Program 1st Community Leader Engagements, Aberdeen Proving Ground, Significant Contributors: Kelly C. Luster, Emily M. Myers, Heather M. Roelker, Amanda R. Rominiecki and Richard A. Scavetta.2nd Outreach-KONTAKT Franken, USAG Ansbach, Significant Contributors: Stephen R. Baack, Bryan W. Gatchell, Pamela J. Portland and Bianca M. Sowders.3rd Community Connect, Fort Lee, Significant Contributors: Stephen J. Baker, Susan N. Garling and Sarah R. Gauvin.Special Event 1st Earth Day on Fort Leonard Wood, Fort Leonard Wood, Significant Contributors: Dawn M. Arden, Robert P. Johnson, Shatara R. Seymour, Andrea M. Smith, Steven L. Standifird, Ryan J. Thompson and Tiffany D. Wood.2nd Make-a-Wish A Reality, Fort Bragg, Significant Contributors: Frank R. Hanan and Jacqueline M. Thomas.3rd Fort Hunter Liggett 75th Anniversary Celebrations, Fort Hunter Liggett, Significant Contributor: Amy Phillips.Honorable Mention: One City, One Team, UTEP vs Army West Point, Fort Bliss, Significant Contributors: Wendy Brown, PFC Frederick Connelly, Abigail L. Meyer and Teresa R. Rangel.PRINT Civilian Enterprise News Publication 1st The Northwest Guardian, Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Significant Contributors: Kelsy G. Hustead, Pamela M. Kulokas, Norman "Bud" McKay, Jr. and Joseph J. Piek.2nd Paraglide, Fort Bragg, Significant Contributors: Sandra Aubrey, Carrie R. Dungan, Alyson M. Hansen, Genève Mankel, Thomas D. McCollum, Lewis F. Perkins and Tina Ray.3rd 1st Infantry Division Post, Fort Riley, Significant Contributors: Robert J. Everdeen and Andrew M. Massanet.Honorable Mention: Fort Jackson Leader, Fort Jackson , Significant Contributors: Christopher J. Fletcher, Wallace McBride, Demetria Mosley, Nicholas Salcido, Jennifer L. Stride and Robert K. Timmons.Army Funded News Publication 1st NSSC This Month, USAG Natick, Significant Contributors: Jane A. Benson, John D. Harlow, David Kamm, Tazanyia L. Mouton, Robert J. Reinert and Jeffrey W. Sisto.2nd The Outlook, USAG Italy, Significant Contributors: Laura Kreider, Karin J. Martinez, Aaron P. Talley, Anna Terracino and Mark R. Turney.3rd tie Public Works Digest, IMCOM-G4, Significant Contributor: Candice S. Walters3rd The Kwajalein Hourglass, USAG Kwajalein, Significant Contributors: Nikki L. Maxwell and Jordan Vinson.Honorable Mention: The Golden Guidon, Fort Hunter Liggett, Significant Contributor: Amy PhillipsDigital Publication 1st Ansbach Hometown Herald, USAG Ansbach, Significant Contributors: Stephen R. Baack, Bryan W. Gatchell, Bianca M. Sowders and Cornelia Summers.2nd The InBrief, Presidio of Monterey, Significant Contributors: Catherine A Caruso, James S. Laughlin, Brian R. Lepley, Alvin L. Macks, Angel Mendoza and Steven L. Shepard.3rd The Real McCoy Online, Fort McCoy, Significant Contributors: Scott T. Sturkol and Tonya K. Townsell.Honorable Mention: Rising Sun Weekly Email Dispatch, USAG Japan, Significant Contributor: Candateshia W. Pafford.Digital Presence 1st Fort Bragg, Significant Contributors: Elvia E. Kelly and Adam J. Luther.2nd Fort Jackson, Significant Contributors: Christopher J. Fletcher, Veran Hill, Wallace McBride, Demetria Mosley, Nicholas Salcido, Jennifer L. Stride and Robert K. Timmons.3rd USAG West Point, Significant Contributor: Thomas B. Hamilton III.Honorable Mention: Fort Leonard Wood, Significant Contributor: Dawn M. Arden.Communications Campaign 1st Fort Bragg -- 2016 Fort Bragg Combatives Invitation Tournament, Significant Contributor: Adam J. Luther.2nd Fort Jackson -- Fort Jackson Centennial Communications Effort, Significant Contributors: Christopher J. Fletcher, Veran Hill, Wallace McBride, Demetria Mosley, Nicholas Salcido and Robert K. Timmons.3rd Fort Campbell -- T.C. Freeman Gate dedication, Significant Contributor: Nondice L. Thurman.Website/Blog 1st USAG Bavaria website, Significant Contributor: Nathaniel T. Van Schaik.2nd USAG Italy website, Significant Contributor: Aaron P. Talley.3rd USAG West Point website, Significant Contributor: Thomas B. Hamilton III.News Article 1st POM Fire Dept. assists effort against wildfire near Big Sur, Steven L. Shepard, Presidio of Monterey.2nd Run for the Fallen, Leejay Lockhart, Fort Campbell.3rd Suicide Prevention Summit to focus on resiliency, discussion, Karin J. Martinez, USAG Italy.Feature Article 1st Remembering the day when everything changed, Maria L. McClure, Fort Campbell.2nd Being gay consistent for Fort Sill Chaplain and gay Army, Monica Kim-Smith Guthrie, Fort Sill.3rd 73 year in the making: Held in safekeeping since WWII, Italian citizen now able to return ring, Karin J. Martinez, USAG Italy.Commentary 1st Army brats stay Army strong, Maria L. McClure, Fort Campbell.2nd Sorry, you have to make your own 'sammich,' Jeanine E. Mezei, Fort Carson.3rd Time to Scrap the Columbus Day hype, Amy N. Perry, Fort Lee.Honorable Mention: Public, JBLM to honor fallen Tacoma officer, Joseph J. Piek, Joint Base Lewis-McChord.Series 1st Training at Fort Leonard Wood, Stephen L. Standifird, Fort Leonard Wood.2nd ANGs fill vital roles, Patricia J. Dubiel, Fort Polk.3rd Victim to Survivor, Monica Kim-Smith Guthrie, Fort Sill.Photojournalism 1st Another Soldier has come home; Smith laid to rest 65 years after death in Korea, Rodney D. Cannon, Fort Polk.2nd Air Assault: Right hand, brake hand, turning mantras into instinct, Abigail L. Meyer, Fort Bliss.3rd Push Push Push: Student athletes sample Fort Jackson's wares, Robert K. Timmons, Fort Jackson.News Photo 1st Snow days, Devin L. Fisher, Fort Carson.2nd We've got you, Patricia J. Dubiel, Fort Polk.3rd Fort Leonard Wood hosts ROTC Ranger Challenge, Stephen L. Standifird, Fort Leonard Wood.Honorable Mention: Messages of Faith, Robert K. Timmons, Fort Jackson.Feature Photo 1st Easter Egg Hunt, Steven L. Shepard, Presidio of Monterey.2nd Fort Leonard Wood grants child's wish, makes him a Soldier for a day, Dawn M. Arden, Fort Leonard Wood.3rd Tiako Drum Performance under the Sakura Blossoms, Honey E. Nixon, USAG Japan.Honorable Mention: Oh say, can they sing!, Emily L. Jennings, USAG Wiesbaden.Infographic 1st Fort Jackson Centennial, Nicholas Salcido, Fort Jackson.2nd Modern-Day Slavery -- Human Trafficking, Tazanyia L. Mouton, USAG Natick.Civilian Journalist of the Year 1st Robert K. Timmons, Fort Jackson.2nd Stephen L. Standifird, Fort Leonard Wood.3rd Leejay Lockhart, Fort Campbell.Honorable Mention: Cindy J. McIntyre, Fort Sill.VISUAL INFORMATION Digital Art 1st Marne Week, 99 Years of Selfless Service, SPC Axel Collazo, Fort Stewart.2nd Yes Drill SGT!, Cindy J. McIntyre, Fort Sill.Identity Design 1st Centennial 100 Torch, Nicholas Salcido, Fort Jackson.Layout and Design 1st Fort Jackson Victory Starts Here, Nicolas Salcido, Fort Jackson.2nd tie Engaging the Grumblers, Lesley W. Atkinson, Fort Lee.2nd tie OLC instructors: today's round-the-clock work develops tomorrow's leaders, Monica K. Guthrie, Fort Jackson.Training Documentation 1st Battle Ready Quartermaster Exercise, Amy N. Perry, Fort Lee.Multimedia Story 1st Bike to Work Day Stay Army Strong, Romeo E. St. Pierre, Fort Huachuca.2nd Army's First Female 13B Cannoneer, Cindy J. McIntyre.Picture Story 1st Active Shooter Exercise, Cindy J. McIntyre, Fort Sill.Portrait 1st Alvie Cater portrays U.S. Marshal in Army Frontier Days, Cindy J. McIntyre, Fort Sill.2nd Fight Song, T. Anthony Bell, Fort Lee.Pictorial 1st Peaceful, foggy morning, Cindy J. McIntyre, Fort Sill.Civilian Photographer of the Year 1st Cindy J. McIntyre, Fort Sill.2nd T. Anthony Bell, Fort Lee.IMCOM SPECIAL CATEGORY Sports Article 1st Travellers Earn Postseason Title, T. Anthony Bell, Fort Lee.2nd Peterson Commissary Host Pro Camps for Fort Polk Youth, Rodney D. Cannon.3rd Amputee softball team hits homerun with visit, Skip Vaughn, Redstone Arsenal.Sports Photo 1st Touchdown!, Rodney D. Cannon, Fort Polk.2nd Back to back CHAMPS: 716th MPs earn second consecutive softball title, Mari A. Jasper, Fort Campbell.3rd USC Football, Robert K. Timmons, Fort Jackson.Social Media Video 1st Run, Honor, Remember 5K, Elvia E. Kelly, Fort Bragg.2nd First in Asia' Soldiers Get Tactical Tune-up, Diana Lopez Hansen, USAG Okinawa, Richard L. Rzepka, USAG Okinawa.3rd See Something, Say Something, Emily N. Myers, Joint Base Myer Henderson Hall.Social Media Meme 1st Fort Jackson Leap Day 2016, Nicholas Salcido, Fort Jackson.2nd Spring Forward, Nondice L. Thurman, Fort Campbell.3rd PAO Picks" Top 16 News Stories of 2016, Steven J. Elstrom, Fort Riley.Local National Writing 1st Laura Kreider, USAG Italy.2nd Bianca M. Sowders, USAG Ansbach.3rd Noriko Kudo, USAG Japan.