FORT LEE, Va. (March 9, 2017) -- Kenner Army Health Clinic staffers celebrated the 130th anniversary of the Army Enlisted Medical Corps with activities throughout the facility March 1.

The central focus of the observance was a midday recognition ceremony in Kenner's first floor break room where Lt. Col. Brett H. Venable, clinic commander; 1st Sgt. Don R. Berry, acting facility sergeant major; and Private 1st Class Andrew T. Cleary, a pharmacy specialist and the youngest enlisted member of the staff; cut a celebratory cake that was shared with participants.

Static displays created by Kenner's enlisted medics were placed throughout the building to educate employees and patients on the training requirements and worked performed as part of their military occupational specialties, ranging from pharmacy and laboratory technicians to patient administration and preventive medicine. In tandem, the presentations served as a testament to the vital role enlisted medics play in maintaining the overall readiness of the force.

Reflecting on the occasion, Berry made note of the Enlisted Medical Corps' compassion and support on and off the battlefield. They are largely responsible for the 90-percent survivability rate among combat-injured service members.

"They are an invaluable asset in the health care process," he said. "As Army Medicine transforms to a system of health, our medics continue to be an active component; innovating and helping our force stay healthy and Army Strong."

Today, more than 36,000 military personnel serve in the Enlisted Medical Corps and Army Medicine. After many transitions over the last 20 years, the corps has 24 MOSs and 12 additional skill identifiers.

The responsibility to take care of the Army's sick and wounded is not a job that is taken lightly. The Enlisted Medical Service Corps Soldiers continue to place themselves in harm's way to accomplish the mission at any cost.

Private 1st Class Kaitlyn Davis, an orthopedic technician at Kenner, said this about her role in Army Medicine, "Being in the Enlisted Medical Corps means carrying on a tradition of helping others. It gives me great satisfaction to know I am a part of a team that prides itself on caring for other service members, retirees and their families. Not only do I get to serve my country, I also get to heal my battle buddies to keep them in the fight."