A man expresses his love to a woman in an elevator. Unfortunately, the woman could not speak English, so she says no but the man thinks she said yes. He tries to kiss her and gets slapped. Well, this did not really happen, because it was a scene from a movie a Soldier was filming. 176th Area Ⅳ Financial Support Unit Customer Service Spc. Joseph Sandoval filmed his first movie on Feb. 25."It actually started six months ago when I was listening the music of my favorite artist, I thought it would be really cool if somebody do a project where they play all of his songs in a movie like a silent film and they all interconnect and tell a story. I realized, why can't I do that?" After that moment, he had a dream of becoming a filmmaker after he get out of the Army."The whole point of the film is that every male, regardless what culture, gets a bit nervous when it comes to talking to women," said Sandoval.He tried to show what goes through the male's head when it comes for them to talk with women. "They freak out and get nervous when they see a girl," said Sandoval. "The worst thing that could happen, is getting slapped. A 'Loser' which is the name of the film, is the worst case scenario so I feel no matter how comfortable you are, you still feel nervous. I just wanted to show it on the screen.""I want to be a filmmaker," said Sandoval. It was the first film I've ever. It is my first time ever trying it and see how I like it and start building my foundation from there. When I was thinking of ideas before writing my film, a couple filmmakers gave me some advice when you are starting off, you do not have a lot at hand to use, so write stories based on stuff at your disposal. That is when I came up with the story of main character meeting his neighbor in the elevator." That was when he found out that the USAG Daegu Headquarters building has indoor elevator which is quite big. "The lobby could also pass as residential place, so that is why I decided to shoot the film here.""I ETS in about 74 days and after that I would like to go ahead and study film. I am trying for University of California, Santa Barbara and I want to study film, media studies. From there, I would like to go ahead and make movies, mostly comedies," Sandoval noted. "I'm working on the interconnecting music video for more of a long-term project when I am more into this, but that music got me into realizing that 'I really want to do that, tell the stories on the TV screen for people to see,'" explained Sandoval."The movie 'Loser' will be posted on my Youtube Channel 'Musically.J.'"