Military Saves Week, Feb. 27. -- Mar. 4 is an annual chance to learn saving behaviors, reduce debts, and promote the importance of planning a budget for military members and their family. This event's ultimate goal is to change America's social norms of saving and wealth building. Also in United States Army Garrison Daegu, Military Saves Week was held by Army Community Service."It is important to know how to plan budget and how to action it," said Philip J. Chang, Financial Readiness Program Manager. "However, there are many people who don't know about the bank's concepts and functions that can help them. So this week, we try to provide and promote classes or activities for military members but also their families."Each day has a special concept. First Monday is to save automatically. The second day is to save money in the family. The third is saving money for retirement by using the Thrift Savings Plan. Next is the saving at tax time and paying off high-interest debt. Lastly is saving money for emergencies and military life changes. There were also various classes taught in USAG Daegu. They included Financial Jeopardy, Money Matters and Take Control of Your Credit. Philip J. Chang, Financial Readiness Program Manager choose 'Pay Yourself First' as the most effective class."It is so funny class. It is about the planning of their budget," said Chang. "'Pay Yourself First' means that when we get a monthly pay, it is important to save part of the pay. Because emergency situation or unfortunate incidents can be caused without any warning."Military spouses should pay attention to these events. To protect their families, they should try to plan their budget. When families move to different places, they always need extra money. Every year, a growing number of members consult with ACS."Over 70% of people who want to consult is in the financial crisis," said Chang. "Only less than 30% of people come here to prevent the financial crisis. Making the new saving habit is quite a hard. We always try to offer follow-up individually to retain their saving habit.""Military Saves Week is from Feb. 27. -- Mar. 4. in this year, but all the year round, classes about saving can available," said Chang. "ACS is opened to everyone."For information regarding the Military Saves Week, contact at DSN 768-8716 or or financial readiness classes.