Leaders, Soldiers, supervisors and military spouses from Area IV gathered at the Camp Walker Evergreen Club for the Area IV Community Information Gathering on Mar. 7.The CIG is a meeting where the community voice their concerns and bring suggestions and the leaders listen and provide updates from prior gatherings.Tristy Moore, Information and Referral Services Program Manager, Camp Henry Army Community Service, explained what is CIG and why this meeting is held regularly."It is a community forum to bring, not only the Soldiers and their spouses, but the community as a whole," said Moore. "They can bring concerns and suggestions to the bodies so that we can implement more things for the community, to make our lives abroad more comfortable.""This meeting is good because it allows everybody to come out and get information rather than where the Soldiers get information in formation and then military spouses may go to spouse orientation and the information is limited because you get meet an hour or something but this forum is two hour forum that it allows people to bring concerns because we have the general and garrison commander here," said Moore. "All this information is recorded and distributed to the appropriate organizations, departments and leaders for them to address so it does go unknown."Area IV CIG is held once a month on the second Tuesday. The next meeting will be held on Apr. 11. at the Camp Walker Evergreen Club.