If you missed an opportunity to do good things or volunteer, you can find your chance this month. Every year, the month of March is dedicated to the Red Cross. Red Cross Month recognizes the support we receive from many people in the country. Helping members of the military, veterans and their families, providing blood for people in need or even teaching lifesaving skills are all a contribution to society. Red Cross Month is begun in 1943 when President Franklin D. Roosevelt designated. Since that time, all of U.S. presidents have continued this by designating March as Red Cross Month. "Given this month by the president, he saw everything that the Red Cross does in the states," said Mia Bostic, American Red Cross Area IV Regional Program Manager. "We were there for all the different wars providing aid to the service member, and he gave us this month to recognize what we do for the military community and for the family. The Red Cross is everywhere. He gave us this month to thank us for helping them with everything." "Red Cross has been around for 175 years, and we were actually founded in 1881," said Bostic. So for every month, we are trying to push the word about Red Cross services and what we can provide for the area. For this month, we try to do events based around our services and spread the world about what we can do for the area by having different runs and events. I'm just getting the word out about what we can do for the military families."In the states, the headquarters will have the banquet, fundraising, and other events greeting Red Cross Month. Above all, the best one must be 5k runs marathons. "Being in Korea, we have modified it and we are going to have volunteer recognition, and also going to have a 5k fun run," said Bostic. "So our volunteer recognitions are trying to recognize all of our unsung heroes like medics, nurses, firefighters, military police, as well as volunteers."In Area IV, there are various events by Red Cross. Mar. 25, there is Red Cross 5k Fun Run at the Camp Walker Kelly Field. The first 100 people can get T-shirts, and there is no fee. At the end of the month, there is a Heroes Breakfast Campaign at the Evergreen from 8 to 10 a.m. All those events are for thanking volunteers for being our heroes in the community."At the hero's breakfast, we will invite the medics, firefighters, and volunteers, and we are just going to show our appreciation for what they are doing in the community," said Bostic. "That is actually free to our heroes in Area IV. Red Cross is paying for the first 150 people to come to the event. During the month, we also have some tables at the PX, so volunteers will be there in a Red Cross hero cape and a mask. The heroes who work at our community, they are going to let us know how many hours they worked or where they volunteer. If they give us their hours, we are going to draw their names for our hand-made first aid kit at the end of the month."Just try to wake your inner hero up, and become a hero to others for this March. So, how can people become a hero for Red Cross through this month? "Become a volunteer," said Bostic.