Headquarters and Headquarters Company, United States Army Garrison Daegu bid farewell to its outgoing commander, Capt. Adam M. Eschenlauer and welcomed a new commander Capt. Jheaniell D. Moncrieffe, arriving from the Joint Security Area, during the change of command ceremony, at Henry's Place, Camp Henry, Feb. 24.

USAG Daegu Commander Col. Ted Stephens praised Eschenlauer for his hard work and dedication to HHC and the Daegu community.

"I gave him a simple instruction and that was to lead the formation. He has clearly done that," said Stephens. "I can talk about some of the statistics associated with his accomplishments: unit medical readiness from 74% to 97%, eliminating all medical readiness category four deficiency within the company, increased the PT average to 263. I am sure that the unit maintained the high level of discipline at all time. He played a vital role in the ROK-U.S. alliance. He participated in the various community relations events such as World Water Day Clean-up, the friendship with Nam-gu Mayor Lim in the Nam-gu community with the Apsan Global English Camps and the various tours of our installations. I can't think of a single greater contribution than how we work with our ROK allies."
Stephens also welcomed Moncrieffe to her new role.

"As we handed off the guidon to Capt. Jheaniell Moncrieffe, I can honestly say that we handed off to an officer just as talented," said Stephens. "As Capt. Adam Eschenlauer laid the foundation within the company, the reach is so much higher so I truly entrust this responsibility with you."

Eschenlauer thanked to all the members of HHC for working hard to provide installation support services of Area IV community.

"I want to say that I am extremely proud of the outstanding work that HHC has done over these past 14 months," said Eschenlauer. "I can say without a doubt that this is a company comprised of true professionals who support the garrison's mission and the defense of this nation. With literally thousands of collective volunteer hours amongst the current and past members of HHC, great efforts have been made to not only improve our military community, but to strengthen the alliance with our host nation counterparts."

Moncieffe showed her gratitude to the Sentinel family including the HHC Soldiers, 1st Sgt. Figueroa, Silvia and Adam Eschenlauer.

"Without them, the unit would not have the morale and standard of excellence that it has today," said Moncieffe. "For that, I thank each of you and hope to build to continued excellence. If we're always ready, we won't have to get ready. I will strive to understand and enhance each unique skill set, build sustainable relationships and make a difference."

Eschenlauer's next assignment is with the U.S. Army Europe, 421st Multifunctional Medical Battalion, Baumholder, Germany.