Volunteer work is crucial for Non-profit organizations like Red Cross. Many people dedicate themselves to give something for others. In Area IV, there is one volunteer who has done this.

On February 27, Nicole Robinson was awarded Red Cross plaque of appreciation by American Red Cross Area IV Regional Program Manager Mia Bostic.

"Nicole is our local Volunteer of the Quarter. She has volunteered over 1200 hours from July until now," said Bostic. "She holds the position as Station Volunteer Partner which is my direct counterpart, my other half. When I can't be in the officer or open the office, Nicole's here. She is able to do everything I can do," said Bostic.

"There are not a lot of opportunities to volunteer full time, and this is the first time I've found an opportunity to," said Robinson. "I'm better if I could throw myself into something completely, and there are four, five hours of week opportunities. I don't have kids, so I wanted to do something fully and this is where chance came up. That's why I took it to be able to go all the way into something."

"She has been an integral part in streamlining the volunteer process at the Camp Walker Clinic. She has helped with the Animal Visitation Program and everyday admin in the office. She is a CPR instructor and has taught 2 classes. She has helped at various events within the community and has really been the Face of the Red Cross for our area. She goes on AFN weekly to discuss our services as well as briefing at Newcomers and Spouses orientation. So it is sad to let her go," said Bostic. "I am not a very extroverted person, so it has been a learning experience to walk up to people and introduce myself at events. That has taken a lot of courage and learning to be the person to say hi and be the one to introduce myself," said Robinson.

"Area IV Red Cross teaches health and safety classes every month," said Bostic. We teach CPR and babysitting. We are here for emergency messages. We have events for the community to keep up morale. We offer different programs for spouses and families. We have animal visitation program, where we will take our dogs around to visit the different units so that they could brighten their day. We have the youth program where we keep the kids engaged so they don't get in trouble. They do different activities in the program. So it is just being there for the community and giving people an outlet. Because it is hard for spouses to get jobs, so they would volunteer in different areas. In clinic, we have nurses, doctors. We have people that work in the post office. It is just giving them a chance to give back to the community and to do something," explained Bostic.

"I am going to miss this place a lot. I hope that I have added to the community," said Robinson. "It was very sudden and I am sad to leave here. I expected to have more time. But we've just got orders two weeks ago."

Nicole Robinson is now leaving Area IV on March 15. February 27 was her last Red Cross meeting.