FORT RUCKER, Ala. -- Hunters are invited to take advantage of the Fort Rucker Hunting Incentive Program and hunt for free while also helping to control the animal population.The program, which began in 2015, was introduced to reduce the number of coyotes and feral pigs on post. According to John Clancy, Outdoor Recreation manager, the program will continue this year with special incentives."We are offering a free post permit for anyone that harvests 10 hogs or three coyotes," he said. "Also, May 1 through Aug. 31, we are going to offer a doe tag to the first five hunters that harvest 20 hogs or five coyotes. This is an incentive because you are not allowed to harvest any does on the installation."We are also going to have a completion incentive between units (teams of six)," he added. "We will present the Commander's Cup (which rotates between units) to the unit that harvests the most hogs and coyotes between May 1 and Aug. 31. We will also have a least one hog hunt tournament and the winner of the will win a quality door prize."Anyone can hunt on post with the proper permits and documentation, according to Clancy."They will need to present a [government-issued] photo ID, the [gate] pass that the installation issues and proof of insurance," he said. "Their weapons must be registered with the provost marshal's office before they can bring them on the installation."Hunters must report to the Fort Rucker Outdoor Recreation Service Center located at Lake Tholocco, Bldg. 24235, to register and receive important information on hunting on post. Clancy added that hunters will receive a map indicating the areas where game may be hunted, as well as areas that are off limits.Training areas will be open to hunters unless otherwise specified and some areas may not allow the use of certain weapons."You are allowed to use any weapon that the State of Alabama allows for the type of game you are hunting," Clancy said. "Fort Rucker does have some stipulations on what types [of weapons are allowed] depending on the location of the training area. One example would be that all lettered areas including '19 E' are 'bow only' areas."According to Clancy, bow deer season runs from Oct. 15 through Feb. 10, gun deer season runs from the third weekend in November through Feb. 10 and turkey season runs March 15 through April 30. Hogs may be hunted all year long with the exception of turkey season."There are a lot of other seasons, such as dove, quail, duck, etc.," he said. "The first three I listed are the primary seasons hunters are interested in. (People can) reference the Alabama Hunting and Fishing Digest for more information."Annual fundraising hunts have allowed ODR to accrue a variety of wounded warrior-specific equipment to aid disabled veterans during their hunts."We now have a track chair; handicap-accessible, hydraulic-elevated shooting houses; a handicap-accessible shooting house already in a training area ready for use; and, if they are not local, we have a travel trailer that is fully handicap-accessible for them to stay in," Clancy said. "All of the equipment we have for them to use will not cost them anything."For more information, call 255-4305 or visit