ROCK ISLAND ARSENAL, Ill -- The JMC Program Manager, Stanley Quinn, and the JMC Sexual Harassment/Assault Response and Prevention Team held a two-day workshop for first responders of sexual assault and sexual violence to receive professional training from community experts and to provide networking opportunities, February 28 and March 1.The summit involved sexual assault response coordinators, victim advocates, military and civilian educators, rape treatment center workers, and intervention counselors. There were also multiple off-post educators and subject matter experts that shared their knowledge and training with SHARP personnel. Chaplain (Major) Willie Mashack, JMC command chaplain, provided an invocation and Melanie Johnson, JMC deputy to the commander, provided remarks to attendees on March 1."SHARP is one our most important priorities in the Army," said Johnson. "We have Readiness and we have taking care of people and Soldiers, and this is a significant part of that. Your job as SHARP and Sexual Assault Response Coordinators is very important. I want to thank you for taking on these challenging assignments."One of the presenters, Jaclyn Rodriquez, Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner Program Coordinator, for the Office of the Illinois Attorney General, provided an in-depth look at how survivors deal with trauma, and how it affects their recall when they re-tell their story multiple times. In many cases, their recall can be inconsistent following a traumatic experience."A SANE is a registered nurse who has been specially trained to provide comprehensive care to sexual assault survivors in a medical setting," said Rodriquez. "SANE is the largest sub-specialty of Forensic Nursing."Research has proven that SANE programs increase patient care available to sexual assault survivors; increase the quality of evidence collection and documentation; increase prosecution rates; and reduce the risk of re-traumatization of the sexual assault survivor in the healthcare setting.Other presenters included Alyssa Acton, Community Resilience Coach and Educator; Jessica Slover, Sexual Assault Therapist; Pamela Terrill, SANE Coordinator; Dr. Barbra Harre, Board Certified Trauma Based Pediatrics Specialist; Rebecca V, Survivor Advocate; and Gina Hicks, Medical Legal Advocate."This was a great team effort by the Joint Munitions Command SHARP staff, to provide the JMC's sexual assault response coordinators, victim advocates, and the entire Rock Island Arsenal SHARP staff, an opportunity to interact with each other and share experiences and best practices," said Stanley Quinn, JMC SHARP Program Manager.