On February 3 the orientation for new employees was held at the United States Army Garrison Daegu Command conference room in Camp Henry from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00p.m. The orientation was directed from headquarter IMCOM for new employees. Each directorate attended this orientation to explain about their department and gave information related to the Garrison, Daegu and Korea.

"The orientation for new employees is important" said Ingrid Walsh Brown, Director, directorate of Human Resources. "This orientation not only gives information about the Garrison such as explanation of each directorate, rules and safety, but also information related to their individual interests such as how to ride transportation and where to buy their groceries and cultural adaptation. It could be good chance to make new employees more familiar with their new environment."

The orientation for new employees is held the first Friday of every month. Each department presents what services they are provide and they explain what kind of work they are doing. In this orientation, the Red Cross explained emergency notification, and the Directorate of Plans, Training Mobilization, Security presented professional development, security brief antiterrorism, operation security, emergency essential civilians. The DHR presented professional development army civilian training, cultural adaptation and civilian wellness.

"I worked at Food Court and Golf club located in Oh san Air base Camp before and now I have started at Fire station in Camp Walker" said Yi, Chi-Ho, firefighter in Camp Walker. "My responsibilities are extinguishing and controlling fires while aiming to save life, property and the environment and maintain safety. This job, firefighter, makes me feel more responsible because it directly affects people's life. The orientation for new employees is good a opportunity to understand overall Area IV rules and regulations"

The orientation is designed to help new employees understand the Garrison and the country where they are living and working. The orientation makes the new employees with concise and accurate information to make them more comfortable in the job and their position. The orientation offers the Garrison's own set of rules and policies. Also, to people who are not familiar with life in Korea, they can offer information about life in Korea such as how to use transportations and how to go hospital. Through this orientation, the new employees can get a sense of the organizational culture so they have a better understanding of what they need to do to fit in more quickly.