Korean University interns in Daegu who work throughout Area IV offices gathered at 8:10 a.m. in January 20, at the Camp Henry movie theater to arrange some classes finally.

Interns started working last November in different offices such as Public Affairs Office, Army Community Service, Religious Support Office, Daegu American School and many tenant units, are immediately immersed in a new American workforce and environment.

"I've been very excited since I started to work at Area IV community, especially in the 411th CSB office," said Ko, Sihyun, intern of 411th CSB. "While performing work involved in the contract administration of procurement activities, I became confident and I'm proud of my job," said Ko.

Interns have successfully been dealing with Soldiers, their family members, Department of the Army Civilians and Korean staff.

"I hope you feel lucky too to participate!," said Col. Ted Stephens, USAG Daegu "I know that there are not many programs like it in terms of U.S Army perspective, so we are quite lucky to be able to cover this!"

Following the Stephens' introduction, a representative of United States Army Civilian Human Resources briefed how to apply for the job in USAG Daegu and employment opportunities for interns who are interested in recruitment for Korean National positions.

"Being 'good' with money, is every day management," said Lee, Chae Won, Army Community Service financial readiness intern "Money Management". She gave a money management presentation and clarified that there are three basic steps people can take to make the most of their money whether they're planning for themselves or for their whole family.

After the lunch time at Dinning Facility in Camp Henry, all interns assembled in each group to make video presentation. This meeting was the last time before closing ceremony in Yeungnam University on Friday, February 10th starting at 9:30 a.m. All interns will receive their graduation certificates.

"This intern program is the best choice in my life because I learned many things like American culture, business manner, and business English as well" said Ko. "Thank you for your kindness and hospitality!"