The United States Army has a Noncommissioned Officer's Corps that is both unmatched and envied throughout the world according to the Chief of Staff of the Army, General George W. Casey, Jr. That's why he and the Honorable Pete Geren, Secretary of the Army, designated this year as the "Year of the NCO."

Monday, in his second visit to Fort Campbell as the Army Chief of Staff, Casey came to show his support for NCOs at one of the world's largest military installations.

"It's very important for us to recognize what it is our noncommissioned officers do for our Army. Because I believe they are the glue that's actually holding this Army together in a very difficult period and allowing us to accomplish the near impossible every day," Casey said. "I think it's important that we recognize that, but we also inform Congress and the American people of what an asset a noncommissioned officer is."

Another reason for his visit was to check in with the families and get feedback on how to improve dependent services.

"[My wife] and I came out just to get a sense of the impact of repeated deployments on the Soldiers and the families here at Campbell," Casey said. "It's something we try to do routinely because it's no secret that repeated combat deployments are having an impact on the members of the Army, and frankly, their families and our Army civilians."

Since becoming Chief of Staff of the Army, Casey and his wife frequently address the concerns of spouses throughout the Army.

While his wife, Sheila, continued to spend time with spouses, Casey met with leaders and Soldiers in the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment, as well as the Sustainment Brigade.

"There's a great sense of pride in what Soldiers of this division have accomplished in both Iraq and Afghanistan, and a great sense of pride in their families for having been strong enough to help them through this whole period," Casey said.