FORT LEONARD WOOD, Mo. - The 342nd Military Police Battalion cased it's colors after five years of service, at Nutter Field House, Friday.
Lt. Col. Jesse Galvan, 342nd MP Bn. commander and Command Sgt. Maj. James Schultz rolled up the unit's standard for safekeeping, until the next time the organization answers the call of duty for the Military Police Corps.
"I really have mixed emotions. I told Lt. Col. Galvan as he passed me the colors, that he brought this organization to a level of performance which hadn't been done before," said Col. John Megnia, Garrison commander.
"He was the best battalion commander I have seen here. So maybe it is time to case those colors, because I don't think anyone could beat the command team of Galvan and Schultz; no one could do it better," Megnia said.
The 342nd was one of the most complex units on post, Megnia said.
"At one time, he (Galvan) had a FORSCOM (Forces Command) military police company under his command. He also had a TRADOC (Training and Doctrine Command) military law operations detachment under his command. He also was the Director of Emergency Services. He had to weave together and integrate IMCOM (Installation Management Command) elements that were part of that organization, as well as the fire department," Megnia said.
The 342nd MP Bn. also had the 399th Army Band, Megnia said.
At the podium, Galvan reflected on his 20 months as battalion commander of the "Standard Bearers."
"It was an amazing ride with great people and with great support from the installation," Galvan said.
"A flood of memories come to mind; things like standing on the range with the 463rd MP Co., monthly award ceremonies, countless re-enlistments and cruising up and down the highways of Fort Leonard Wood with my son on Christmas day, bringing cookies and candies to working MPs and firefighters," Galvan said.
The Soldiers of the battalion will have the same duties as before, but will be administratively controlled by the Training Support Battalion, Schultz said.
"The Soldiers of the 342nd (MP Bn.) are going to remain with their day-to-day jobs. As far as anything requiring a battalion commander signature for administrative action, they will belong to the TSB. They will still be operationally controlled by the Directorate of Emergency Services," Schultz said.
Galvan's next assignment is to be the next 89th Military Police Brigade, deputy brigade commander, at Fort Hood, Texas.
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