FORT GEORGE G. MEADE, Md. (Army News Service) -- The latest episode of the 'Soldiers' video series was released Monday, focusing on two medics giving their all in the Army's Best Medic competition.

Sergeants Jarrod Sheets and Matthew Evans, two medics from the 10th Mountain Division, were among the 30 teams of Soldiers from across the Army who tested their physical and mental readiness during the annual competition at Camp Bullis, Texas.

Sheets and Evans placed 11th during their first Best Medic attempt. With the goal of placing higher in this year's competition, they returned for the second attempt in October.

"It was insane what the competition puts them through," said the episode's producer Pete Ising, who remembered Sheets and Evans from their first competition. "To see these guys come back and go through the madness again, I thought, these guys are gluttons for punishment."

Ising said the "Soldiers' team spent five days on location filming the competition.

"If they were up for 24 hours, you were up for 24 hours," Ising said. "If they were going through an event, we were right there with them."

Throughout the events, the competitors were pushed to their breaking point, but according to Ising, "no one fell out and everyone finished."

"[The competition] really opened my eyes to what it takes to be a great combat medic," Ising said. "The amount they had to push, event after event, was incredible."

More episodes of "Soldiers" will become available later in the year at an expected rate of one each month. In the coming months, two more episodes of the current season will air, one in April and another in May:

-- "Workforce Warrior" will look at the process of transitioning from active duty to the civilian workforce and examine how work-study programs are helping veterans. The segment highlights a Soldier who is taking advantage of one such program while also working in a bakery and the Soldier for Life program.

-- "Empire Shield" will explore the work of members of the New York National Guard who have been assisting the New York City Police Department and the Department of Homeland Security, safeguarding New York City as part of Task Force Empire Shield.

Episodes of the series are available on YouTube, the Soldiers page on, and through the Defense TV app on Apple TV and Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Google Chromecast and iOS mobile devices.