Rock Island Arsenal, Ill. -- The Joint Munitions Command's senior leaders dedicated a new Respite and Resiliency Room during a ribbon cutting ceremony held, here, at the headquarters, February 16.

Led by the Command Chaplain, Major Willie Mashack, JMC established a 'Place of Peace' Room where staff can take a short period of rest from stressful work situations.

"The concept of the Respite and Resiliency Room is to provide a space to escape that is free of stress and tension for individuals to find peace and solace," said Mashack. "This room provides an area to mitigate stress, and in turn promotes quality work performance and improves the work environment, which makes for a happier employee."

The idea for the room started last year when Mashack "recommended a dedicated space for individuals to privately deal with stressors and/or emotional events that impact work performance and the workplace environment."

The Respite and Resiliency Room effort included assistance from the building manager, information technology staff, and resource management personnel who volunteered their time and talents to the project.

Two potential initial locations were identified, but upon the decision of the final location, JMC personnel were instrumental in providing the funding and assistance to establish the room in a timely manner. In addition, teammates provided assistance with logistics, work orders, and assembling furniture to complete the vision for the room.

Brig. Gen. Richard B. Dix, JMC commander, Command Sgt. Major Walton Jones and Melanie Johnson, JMC Deputy to the Commander, performed the ceremonial cutting of the ribbon to officially open the room.

Joint Munitions Command produces small-, medium-, and large-caliber ammunition items for the Department of Defense. It is the logistics sustainer for life-cycle management of ammunition from cradle to grave. The primary mission of JMC is to manage the production, storage, issue, and demilitarization of conventional ammunition for all U.S. Military Services.