Thirty-six Army Reservists from Columbia, Mo., assumed duty for running the Deployed Warrior Medical Management Center (DWMMC) during a Feb. 24, 2017, ceremony at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center.

The 7227th Medical Support Unit replaced 36 fellow Reservists from the 7214th Medical Support Unit from Garden Grove, Calif., who deployed to LRMC in June 2016.

The DWMMC was established in 2001 when the arrival of Wounded Warriors from Iraq to LRMC exceeded the capabilities of the LRMC Patient Administration office. The DWMMC coordinates patient movement and medical care for Servicemembers and civilians who become wounded or ill while serving in Afghanistan, Iraq or other contingency operations.

When patient care is concluded at LRMC, the DWMMC coordinates the patient's departure to either to return to duty downrange or to be medically evacuated for more long-term definitive care in the United States. They have been responsible for the care of more than 95,000 medically evacuated patients since 2001.

During the Transition of Authority Ceremony, LRMC Commander James Laterza praised the 7214th for their outstanding and tireless efforts the past nine months while ensuring the care and safety of more than 1,200 medevac patients -- of which 70 were critical care patients.

"You have shown great skill in taking care of America's sons and daughters," said Laterza.

In his outgoing remarks as commander 7214th, Lt. Col. Brian McMillion told his Soldiers, "You are the finest there is to offer -- thank you, thank you, thank you. Your perseverance and heart are what got us through this mission."

Incoming commander, Lt. Col. Aaron Neal said his team stands ready to execute its mission with the highest of expectations, and stressed that the 7227th belongs to each and all of its members and to those it serves.

"We are very, very happy to be part of 'our' hospital."