According to Col. Samuel Godfrey, the chaplain for Army Materiel Command, we all have access to a wireless, open access communications capability designed to give us perspective.

Of course, he spoke of prayer.

Godfrey was the keynote speaker for Anniston Army Depot's annual Prayer Breakfast and took the opportunity to remind the workforce not only of the potential prayer has for them, but also the elements a prayer should have.

Those elements, "the three Ps," as Godfrey called them, are praise, placing and prioritizing.

"Prayer is not magic...It's not a genie in a bottle," he said. "Prayer is communication. Talking to God and listening to the Lord."

The praise element of a prayer is a time for an individual to acknowledge God and his abilities.

Placing is the time for confessing sins, trusting God to forgive them and then entrusting him with needs.
According to Godfrey, this is also a time to give thanks.

He reflected on the work done at ANAD - all the parts which must be disassembled, reworked and then reassembled to make a whole vehicle, weapon or piece of artillery and how many problems the workforce could face along the way.

"I imagine you need to have some positive thoughts and pray over things," said Godfrey.

The prioritizing in a prayer comes by putting aside worries to focus on spiritual living.

Godfrey gave the example of the Sermon on the Mount, when Jesus asked those present to cast aside worries about how they would be fed or clothed and think first about their spiritual well-being.

Godfrey also noted for the crowd that this year's Prayer Breakfast was being held on George Washington's birthday.

He reflected on Washington's faith and regular attendance at church, noting the founding father was an Anglican who attended Pohick Church near his home in Virginia.

Godfrey also noted that Washington was tolerant of other religions and read a passage from him regarding Jews in the U.S.

The Prayer Breakfast also featured special music from Tommy Dulaney and the Chaplain Care Team Worship Group.

The worship group sang "My God is Awesome," which Depot Commander Col. Kidd referenced in her closing remarks.

"It translates well here because my team is awesome," she said.

Kidd said the topic of prayer had caused her to reflect on one of her favorite verses, 1 Corinthians 13:13 - And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.

"If every action you take starts with love, then nothing bad can happen," she said.