LANDSTUHL, Germany -- The 212th Combat Support Hospital Unit Ministry Team unveiled a painting created by children of the unit's Soldiers during a ceremony at the Landstuhl Regional Medical Center Chapel February 15.

Chaplain (Capt.) David Redden, 212th CSH, with his chaplain's assistant, Sgt. Terrance Aursby, provided this unique opportunity for personal expression through the "Worship Thru Art" grant provided by the Office of the Chief of Army Chaplains.

For Redden the goal for the project was to have the kids express their feelings and emotions about their parents' care of wounded warriors. Sgt. Kevin Richmond, licensed practical nurse, 67th Forward Surgical Team, provided the artistic talent. With Richmond's assistance the children created an impressionist painting titled, "Caring for the Wounded." The painting depicts a medic offering a canteen to a wounded Soldier.

"The painting is a result of combining the creative side of the children's minds with the analytical and spiritual side," Redden said. "Healthy emotional expression is therapeutic and art is also a form of worship and ministry."

Although each of the children was able to use paint to express themselves as individuals, the children also learned about teamwork.

"The kids each had a chance to talk about the part their parents play in the hospital and then they individually painted only a small piece of the painting," said Redden. "Once they put all of their pieces together they saw the beautiful image they created. Even though each child contributed their own individual piece, they saw that all of their individual efforts combined had a larger impact for the greater good. Just like their parents do at the CSH. 'Caring for the Wounded' is the children's visual expression about caring for wounded people and how they're each tied into it because of their parents."

For Col. Brian Almquist, commander, 212th CSH, "Caring for the Wounded" does more than just pay tribute to the important role that his Soldiers perform.

"Chaplain Redden has come up with many creative ways to connect with Family and to build resiliency and this painting represents that," Almquist said. "It's one thing as a Soldier to be proud of what you do, but as a father it touches my heart to see just how proud these kids are of what their parents do for our country."

"Caring for the Wounded" will be displayed at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center for the next few weeks and will ultimately be permanently displayed at the 212th CSH headquarters on Rhine Ordnance Barracks, Germany.