HRC expands Call to Active Duty

By Lt. Col. Janet HerrickFebruary 16, 2017

FORT KNOX, Ky. -- The most recent Regular Army Call to Active Duty program is expanded for commissioned officers and warrant officers this year. The program allows Army Reserve and National Guard members in select grades and specialties to go on active duty.

"The Army looks to retain the talent, skills and experience of quality officers who are fit, resilient and ready to serve America's Army," said Brig. Gen. Joseph R. Calloway,

director, Officer Personnel Management Directorate at Human Resources Command.

The CAD program is not a branch transfer program; it is a skills and experience based program that considers officers who are qualified in their requesting branch or functional area. Officers serving in special branches (Army Medical Department, Judge Advocate General Corps and Chaplains Corps) are not eligible for the program.

Officers in the following specialties and grades are included in the revised Call to Active Duty:

Eligible commissioned officers:

- All Army Competitive Category basic branch second and first lieutenants who successfully completed their Branch Officer Leadership Course.

- All ACC basic branch captains who completed their Capt. Career Course and successfully completed a key development qualifying assignment with the exception of Adjutant General (42B) and Logistics Branch (90A) Captains that must only have completed the CCC.

- Majors in the branches of Air Defense Artillery (14A), Chemical Corps (74A), Military Intelligence Branch (35D), Finance Corps (36A), Corps of Engineers (12A), Acquisition Corps (FA51), Nuclear and Counter Proliferation (FA52) and Information Operations (FA30). Promotable majors are not eligible.

Eligible warrant officers:

(Specialty List:

- Warrant Officers One (WO1) and Chief Warrant Officer Two (CW2) in MOS 131A, 140A, 140E, 152E/H, 153D/M, 154F, 180A, 255A, 255N, 311A, 352N, 353T, 420A, 881A, 920A, and 923A.

- CW3 in MOS 120A, 125D, 150U, 152E/H, 154F, 180A, 255S, 311A, and 352N.

- CW4 in MOS 120A, 125D, 131A, 150U, 152E/H, 154F, 180A, 255S, 311A, 350F, and 921A.

- CW2, CW3, and CW4 for Army Special Operations Aviation (ARSOA) assignment in MOS 152H, 152D, 153D, 153M, 154C, 154F, and 155A/E/G.

Majors and captains previously selected by an Officer Separation Board and who received a reserve appointment may apply if they meet eligibility requirements outlined in the MILPER message through an exception to policy for potential approval.

Applicants should apply no later than March 31, 2017. Selections are based on the Army personnel requirements at the time of application. Officers will be notified by email on their acceptance and will receive a response at the earliest opportunity no later than 31 AUG 2017.

For detailed application criteria and procedures, see Military Personnel Message 17-052 at, which was issued Feb.3.