A team from the Weapons and Materials Research Directorate will be given the 2008 Defense Standardization Program Award in a ceremony at the Pentagon today for their work in developing a Cold Spray application standard.

A well-written standard allows everyone throughout the Army the ability to uniformly understand and apply a process, which ultimately saves the government time and money, said Richard Squillacioti, the document's team leader on the project.

"When someone else does the same process, they won't mess it up," said Squillacioti, about how the standard will help.

Dennis Helfritch and Victor Champagne along with Squillacioti developed the new standard after a thorough testing on how to best apply the corrosion and wear resistance spray to different types of equipment and vehicles.

"It's a very useful process, and the standard is being used in the government to save a lot of money," he said. "The Army will recover millions of dollars in cost avoidance because of the spray."

The high-velocity particle spray provides improved coatings over the plasma/thermal spray currently being used and greater protection to equipment, Squillacioti said.