FORT MCPHERSON, Ga. -- When most people prepare to travel out of the country, it is usually for a vacation to escape their work, but for one Fort McPherson woman, traveling is often just the beginning of work.

In addition to her normal job as management analyst and mass transit coordinator for the U.S. Army Garrison Directorate of Resource Management, Baker McNair serves as a missionary for Eagles Mount Evangelistic Out-reach Ministry, traveling the globe to deliver the gospel.

"I'm just fulfilling the great commission (Matthew 28:16-20)," she said of this calling.
The call came during a church service in 1992 at the Church of Sword of the Lord in Austell.

"I heard an audible voice to feed my sheep," McNair said. "I knew the Lord was calling me to be a minister."

Her ministry began locally, in Atlanta, walking the streets, passing out Bibles and pamphlets as part of the Prayer in Action Ministry, an international Christian ministry.
Viola Walker, Prayer in Action head minister, said McNair's passion was a major reason for the growth of the ministry.

"The Kingdom of God has increased because of our outreach," she said, describing the beginnings of the ministry, where she and Baker would take Baker's van around Macon, engaging people to spread the gospel. "She's been great support for Prayer in Action through the years."

As the years progressed, Baker said, the calling became stronger, causing her to want to go abroad and spread the news.

For the past 10 years, she has done just that, taking quarterly trips to various locations with the Eagles Mount Evangelistic Outreach Ministry. She has visited Mexico, Brazil, Japan, Greece, Crete and Israel, where she will return at the end of April.
McNair's trips begin with her researching the country she will travel to.

"We notify churches in that area, if possible, to speak there," she said. "You have to be careful about Bible distribution in some countries."

In such cases, ministry takes on a different form, passing out pamphlets instead, group prayer in the country or hosting talks, she said.

"Just by talking, the Lord can change hearts," McNair said, citing an example of three Jews in Israel, where her group can't distribute Bibles.

The story, she said, occurred when she encountered a man in his 50s and two younger women who appeared in their 30s. She spoke with them, and although initially successful with one of the women, was met with apprehension by the others.

However, in time, she overcame some of that hostility, eventually praying with all of them.

Although not all of those who she ministers to accept the gospel, as only the one woman made a commitment to Christ that day, it does not deter or lower her spirits.
"Some plant, some water, but it is God who increases," McNair said, adding she doesn't mind if she only plants the seed for faith to grow and needs another to nurture it.

Even if the seed doesn't take root, she said, she takes satisfaction in knowing she is helping people.

"We give people a lot of hope. There is a lot of desolation, hopelessness and poverty here, but it's nothing like what we see in other countries," McNair said. "Just getting out and giving what you can, giving hope and showing the love of Christ through giving keeps me going, keeps me regenerated."

"She's very adventurous, loves to accomplish things, up-build God's kingdom and reach the lost for Jesus," Walker added. "God called her to this ministry and she is thoroughly furnished for the work."

McNair's said everyone, regardless of their faith, should invest in helping others.

"You may not have the same beliefs and spread the same message, but you can still do the basics," she said. "Everyone can encourage and help people, especially people who can't help themselves, people like children, elderly, the poor and widows."