Members of the Fort Irwin Girl Scouts Daisy Troop 1138 visited the Weed Army Community Hospital Emergency Department recently.The girls were not there for an emergency situation, but rather, had scheduled a tour so they could learn about ambulances and emergency care. The girls were ready to earn their "Ambulance Tour" badge and the "Compassionate and Caring" petal on their Girl Scouts tree of life skills and responsibilities.The Daisies, ages 6 through 7 years old, were greeted upon arrival by the Non-commissioned officer in charge of the Emergency Department, Staff Sgt. Robert Stalnaker, and given a quick walk through the emergency room area. Since there were patients being seen in the treatment rooms, the girls lined up and made their way to the ambulance entrance area.Once outside, Stalnaker took the girls in small groups into the ambulance and showed them how a patient is loaded, where the medic or nurse would sit, and the different medical items located in the ambulance that help keep patients safe and alive during a transport.Then, the girls were invited to sit one-by-one in the driver's seat of the ambulance where Stalnaker showed them the switches to flip and buttons to push that made the lights turn on. Each girl got her own chance to turn on the lights and see them flashing.The girls lined up after the tour for a group photo by the ambulance, followed by a question-and-answer session with Stalnaker, where they asked questions such as "what do you do if there is more than one hurt person?"According to the troop leader, Bobbie Del Rosario, the girls had previously completed the Fire House tour badge and a tour of the dispatch area in the military police station. The ambulance tour provided an opportunity for them to learn about another aspect of emergency services and how people work to take care of others.