The seven day training gave 610th soldiers a hands on experience with their equipment. The training is to prepare soldiers for the upcoming Vigilant Guard exercise and improve on unit cohesion."In this unit we are like a family, and whatever mission we have we are always ready and working as a team," said Sgt. George Maillard, a water treatment non-commissioned officer of the 610th Quarter Master Water Supply Company. "I couldn't have asked to be a part of a better unit," said Maillard.The soldiers began the water purification process by throwing a dolphin strainer at least 10 feet into the ocean, collecting water through a hose. After going through the reverse osmosis water purification unit (ROWPU), the purified water was then pumped into a 3000 gallon collapse tank, and the water was used for soldiers to take showers who were sleeping outdoors.Some soldiers from the unit slept in sheltered improved combat tents and others slept in cots under large tents at the Boy Scout Camp in the eastern end of the island during annual training. Soldiers pulled security in shifts at the gate, and were also given different assigned areas throughout the day. Those who have returned from Advanced Individual Training got a chance to test out the purification machines, giving them some hands on training with the equipment.We had some soldiers who never operated a machine since there return from AIT, and they were very excited to get to do what they were trained in school," said 1st Sgt. Dwayne Croft, the first sergeant of the 610th Quartermaster Supply Company. "I felt like our training was successful, and the soldiers got what they needed to get out of it in the past few days," said Croft.. This unit does annual training on St. Croix every year utilizing the Altona Lagoon location to train on water purification.