WARRIOR BASE, South Korea - Soldiers from E Company, 3-2 General Support Aviation Battalion, 2nd Combat Aviation Brigade conducted Convoy Live Fire training on Jan. 23 at Story Range.This training was aimed to enhance the Soldier's abilities to carry-out a proper tactical convoy operation, said 1st. Lt. Mustafa Hamdallah, the E Company Executive Officer."What we are trying to do here is have these gunners become very comfortable with the weapon system because right now we're not at stable gunnery," said Hamdallah, "This is something on the move."During stable gunnery it is very easy and we have trained on it but here it is very different because the vehicles are moving, Soldiers are engaging targets and relaying reports all at the same time, he said.There are so many things going on at once, the vehicle commanders and convoy commander need to be focused at all times.During the exercise commanders are relaying reports to their convoy commander, who goes back to the company commander and first sergeant, who are evaluating each convoy that goes through the lanes by evaluating the convoy commander, said Hamdallah.This exercise simulates a down-range incident where Soldiers could be ambushed by the enemy. E Company commander Capt. Brittany M. Ashlock said there is another objective to the exercise. "The main thing here is to get the platoon leaders and TC's comfortable with talking on the radio," Ashlock said.This enhances the vehicle commander's ability to relay reports such as situation reports and lace reports, said Hamdallah.Soldiers participated in four different phases of training leading up to the live-fire exercise. Phase one was the preparation stage which began with the identification of gun crews, trainers and platoon-level instructions that focused on individual tasks.Phase two was training. Soldiers practiced on the HMMWV Egress Assistance Trainer (H.E.A.T.) at Camp Humphreys, conducted night vision driving and participated in a reconnaissance of the exercise site.During Phase three deployment operations began and Soldiers dispatched the vehicles required to execute their mission. They were also given a safety brief and instructed on convoy operations to Warrior Base.The fourth and final phase was the convoy live-fire exercise which consisted of three engagement areas, four day convoys and four at night, said Hamdallah.Soldiers were able to properly exit a vehicle in a roll over simulation, mount a tactical vehicle, and execute troop leading procedures and convoy operations.The company has trained for this exercise for about five months, Ashlock said after the fourth convoy of the day. The overall goal is to make sure our Soldiers are trained and familiarized with defending a tactical convoy."The Soldiers have adapted very well and seem very familiar with the weapon system so I am very pleased with their progress thus far," she said. "I am just happy to be out here training." said Ashlock.