Army acting secretary sends initial letter to the force

By Hon. Robert M. SpeerFebruary 28, 2017

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Dear Soldiers, Civilians, and Families of the U.S. Army,

I am honored to continue serving in the Army as the Acting Secretary. I am proud of our Army, having served in many capacities over the past thirty-five years, both in and out of uniform, on active duty and as a civilian, to include deployments and in support of our great Nation. Most recently, I served for the past seven years as the Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary and then Assistant Secretary of the Army for Financial Management and Comptroller. It is my great honor to continue serving the Army!

Thank you for your professionalism during the past several months culminating in the Presidential Inauguration, as the world again witnessed our peaceful transition of power. Today, we must ensure continuity within the Department of the Army and remain ready to defend our Nation as we transition new civilian leaders.

During this time, my priorities remain:

• Readiness for countering global threats to the United States and our allies.

• Providing every Soldier, civilian, and family member the care and respect they deserve.

• Resourcing our Army to maintain readiness and ensure future capabilities to win our nation's wars.

Thank you for your dedicated service to our Army and our Nation.

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