DAEGU, South Korea - Construction efforts are under way at Camp Humphreys, preparing for Key Resolve and Ulchi Freedom Guardian '17. A temporary life support area is being built by the 22nd Korea Service Corps, Mobile Labor Force to accommodate more than 600 service members.The new LSA site comes as part of the larger plan to consolidate camps across the peninsula and allow the South Korean military to showcase its role in the defense of its country."In support of KR '17, the Camp Humphreys LSA is being constructed with 47 temporary lodging tents," said Kim Myong Su, MLF labor technician. "Services will include two MWR tents in addition to basic life support such as power, water, medical services and personal furniture items in the tents."Once the tents are up, Su said, the MLF would be split into two crews. One to furnish tents with cots, footlockers and clothing racks and the other to build walkways and support the Department of Public Works' installation of water and electricity."Our number one mission is to support USAG Humphreys," stated Su. "Our primary task is supporting exercises with transportation, carpentry, masonry and welding."He further explained that the MLF would be on-call to complete maintenance requests and any future construction of a permanent LSA similar to the current site at Camp Coiner.