ROCK ISLAND, Ill. -- Michael Hutchison, deputy to the commander, U.S. Army Sustainment Command, discussed civilian government service and his career experiences with Augustana College students at the Franklin W. Olin Center for Educational Technology, Jan. 17.

During the talk, Hutchison guided students through the process of maneuvering -- the federal government's main source for employment information and opportunities -- to find jobs and internships with ASC and other federal departments. About 20 students attended the event, according to Hutchison.

Hutchison shared his career highlights with students to show that federal service can be a "very rewarding career and [that it can] take you to places you would never think possible.

"I want them to think about applying for our jobs that we announce," Hutchison said. "I want to keep hiring young people in the organization."

Hutchison said that he believes young individuals will benefit the command and the federal government by bringing different perspectives into the workforce.

"[ASC] is a dynamic organization … whose mission is ever-changing," Hutchison said. "I think we would benefit from people that are open to new ideas and ways of doing things."

Rosalie Starenko, program manager of Careers Opportunities Research Exploration (CORE) at Augustana College said that Hutchison's talk was valuable for students.

"Some of Augustana's students -- especially those in the sciences -- do search for jobs and internships available through the federal government," Starenko said. "And knowing now just how much is offered will hopefully continue to keep that door open and spread awareness throughout the student body."

CORE hosts events, called "Lunch and Learn", to provide an opportunity for Augustana students to meet with various employers to discuss internships and job opportunities in the public and private sectors.

Hutchison also talked about the importance of public service and the value of federal employees. He said government employees continuously do meaningful work to improve the nation.

"Working in federal service regardless of what tasks you work on a day-to-day basis, in the end you're working to serve the nation, to serve our citizens, and in our case to support the warfighters," Hutchison said. "Service is something bigger than yourself."

ASC, a major subordinate command under the U.S. Army Material Command, provides global logistics support to the Army in order to ensure operational and tactical readiness.

In 2016, ASC implemented the Strategic Human Capital Plan to create a high-performing work environment. SHCP includes a focus on encouraging qualified individuals from various backgrounds to diversify the application pool.

Hutchison said he looks forward to speaking at more colleges as he spreads awareness about the U.S. Department of Defense and career opportunities.

Hutchison has been a member of the Senior Executive Services since 2011. He previously served as the Deputy to the Commanding General of the Army Contracting Command.