FORT INDIANTOWN GAP, Pa.- The simulations section here recently received the brigade combat team individual reality trainer, which is designed to train Soldiers on un-stabilized gunnery systems including the M2 machine gun, Mark 19 grenade launcher and M240B machine gun variants.Unstabilized gunnery refers to a weapon system with no system in place to assist the Soldier in maintaining the target in their sites. For instance, when a weapon is mounted on a tracked or wheeled vehicle the weapon will move up and down with the vehicle as opposed to locking the target in its sights.The brigade combat team individual reality trainer is unique to the Army National Guard."This device will assist Soldiers prior to going on the live-fire range," explained Sgt. 1st Class Michael Domalski, the simulations section noncommissioned officer in charge. "It's a way to leverage technology to enable more accurate firing as well as cost savings."The simulations section at Fort Indiantown Gap trained more than 32,000 people during fiscal year 2016. The installation is the busiest National Guard Training Center in the nation and is administered by members of the Pennsylvania National Guard and the Pennsylvania Department of Military and Veterans Affairs.