44th MP Detachment (CID) wins prestigious 2016 Feher-Deavers Award

By CID Public Affairs OfficeJanuary 25, 2017

44th MP Detachment (CID) wins the 2016 Feher--Deavers Award
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The Feher-Deavers Award honors the most outstanding U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Command Detachment based upon the detachment's recorded accomplishments, achievements and programs that best exemplify the intent of the award and directly contributed to the detachment's mission success.

"The 44th Military Police Detachment's selection as the Feher-Deavers Award winner was based on the dedication and commitment of the Soldiers, Civilians and Families over the past year," said MG Mark S. Inch, the provost marshal general of the Army and commanding general of CID, in his announcement to the field. "This significant accomplishment was achieved due to a team effort; they exemplified our motto of "Do What Has to be Done." They have set the highest standard that all CID detachments should strive to meet."

"Congratulations to the officers, noncommissioned officers, Soldiers, Civilians and Families of the 44th Military Police Detachment (CID)," added Inch.

"It feels absolutely incredible to win the Feher-Deavers award," said SA Patrick L. Rasmussen, special-agent-in-charge of the 44th MP Detachment (CID). "I would compare it to a NFL team winning the Super Bowl. The Detachment won this award due to many things which we are proud of: team work, hard work, excellent cases, and stellar support to the action commanders and trial counsels."

"The look on the faces [of the Soldiers] was priceless as their dedication to duty was recognized," added Rasmussen.

Established in 2012, the Feher-Deavers Award was created to promote esprit-de-corps and professionalism amongst CID Detachments throughout the command. The award is named in honor of CW4 Andre C. R. Feher and SGM Herman L. Deavers, both of whom made significant contributions to CID and represented the warrant and enlisted agent team concept, the very cornerstone of the CID detachment.

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