CAMP ZAMA, Japan -- A typical day for Cpt. Lynn Song, a staff officer with the 8th Theater Sustainment Command\'s secretary of the general staff, looks something like this: wake up early, beat the commanding general to work, make sure he's taken care of during the day, prepare for the next day late in the evening, and leave the office after the general goes home.

It's a demanding schedule and doesn't leave much free time for Song, so time management is vital.

When Song, a native of Irvine, Calif., deployed to Camp Zama, Japan with the 8th TSC forward command post in early March, she discovered her billeting area was a 20-minute walk to the office, so she explored an alternate form of transportation to give her a 'wheel up' on her co-workers.

"The 8th Special Troops Battalion set up a shuttle bus service during the morning and evening hours, but that doesn't always work for my schedule," Song explained. "So I decided to rent a bike. For $33 a week I can sleep a little longer and I can get back to my room quicker in the evenings."

The majority of the Soldiers deployed to Camp Zama for the command post exercise are 'hoofing' it around the small post, located in the southern part of Tokyo.

"It (walking) doesn't really bother me," said Sgt. Kensley Bell, 8th Special Troops Battalion, 8th TSC, and a native of El Paso, Tx. "It could be a lot worse, living in tents with no running water. It's not bad."

The long shifts and the demanding schedule during the two-week exercise took its toll on Soldiers, but Song says that the bike ride home at the end of her shift is a refreshing end to her day.

"It's a good workout, riding up the hill back to my room," Song offered. "Plus, I've been getting a lot of compliments because I ride in bike is pink!"